Troy Learns To Love Black Prison Dick

Duration: 12m, 2s, Starring Troy Steel, Charles Cameron

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White stud Troy Steel is terrified, finding himself trapped and alone in a third world prison. You know what happens when a small white guy gets stuck in a maximum security jail - he's going to take multiple black cocks in his ass! He has barely been inside for five minutes when huge and muscular black thug Charles storms in to the cell. Troy tries to play it cool but there's no escaping it - Charles pushes young Troy down to his knees and tells him to suck that black cock! Troy chokes and gags on the dick, but there's no helping it - he has to work it with his mouth as best he can. He finds that he quite enjoys the taste of black dick!

Black Gay Soliders in a Wild Threesome

Duration: 18m, 23s, Starring Gene La Mar, Paul Morgan, Corey Cox

(14 Votes)

This is one of the most interesting porn scene set ups ever - this is a historical re-enactment set up, and you get to see all sorts of tight gay black hotties in uniform. It looks like civil war uniforms at that, which are hot as fuck. The real hotness starts with Gene La Mar, Paul Morgan, and Corey Cox getting a bit of time to themselves. They end up having a hot black gay threesome in a quiet corner, and they absolutely love the taste of those chocolate dongs. Before long they are all getting a taste of big dick up their asses.

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