Hot Sports Themed Gay Porno Uniform Porn

Duration: 21m, 27s, Starring Matt Fuller, Tiger

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Sports themes are a common one in gay porn, and baseball certainly has its fair share of gay imagery. I love watching Matt Fuller in tight polyester pants and swinging around a bat. Tiger is in a referee outfit and is just dying to get his hands on this sexy baseball player. They go back to the bedroom and really start on each other, with some very hot cock sucking. This guy doesn't even use his hands, he is a mouth only type of dude that really starts in on that sweet cock. Then they end up balls deep in each other's ass.

Dude Gives Up His Asshole For The Team

Duration: 18m, 20s, Starring Seth Dickens, Alex Burbon

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This horny homosexual sports coach is alarmed when one of his players is hurt and taken to the infirmary. As the sexy young man lies helpless on the bed, the coach thinks of the one thing that he can do to perk the younger man up. Pulling down the incapacitated player's trousers, he begins to stroke and suckle on his cock. The semi-delirious player is alarmed at first, but it feels so good having the older man's lips wrapped around his throbbing member. The coach, ever willing to sacrifice for the team, bends over and pulls his ass cheeks apart, inviting the young jock to do what he needs to do to win the game. The coach gets a sore ass!

Ass Riding Cocksucker Gets A Sore Butt

Duration: 20m, 6s, Starring Adrian Troy, Joey Landis

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After the baseball game, two hot young jocks relax outside by the pool. One guy takes his trousers off, exposing a long thick cock. The blond guy's eyes light up when he sees the rod and he eagerly reaches forward to hold it and stroke it. He leads his buddy inside by the cock, and they retire to the bedroom. The blond guy hungrily sucks the dark haired guy's cock, before getting on top and easing it into his own ass hole. The blond chap rides the bone like a pro, slapping his own cock and balls down on his partner's groin as he does so. He gets rolled over on all fours and fucked like a bitch to end the scene, with a spurting cumshot.

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