Horny Construction Workers Fucking

Duration: 57m, 9s, Starring Andrea Mattioli, Andrea Vincenzi, Manuel Corni

(219 Votes)

It's one naughty lunch time for these two construction workers! Instead of eating a sandwich, they're planning on eating each other's dicks and getting their asses slammed all through their lunch hours. They each examine each other's hot bodies from head to toe, making stops at their asses and finally their dicks to get them stiff. But just when you think that they're alone in their sexual excursion, right after they cum, they're joined by a co-worker who wants a piece of both of them! He gets on his knees and sucks them both stiff, and then offers up his asshole for a deep dicking. All three of them cum again, in time to go back to work!

Horny Hard Hat Men's Ass Fucking

Duration: 23m, 22s, Starring Davide Maltese, Enrico Roversi

(112 Votes)

Construction workers are notorious for having hot bodies and working hard, but did you know that they happen to admire each other as well? That's why it's easy for these two guys to start fondling each other once they get some time alone. Their lips and tongues meet one another, and then their pieces come out to have some fun. They take turns sucking each other's cocks stiff, and then they rub their enormous erections together before one opens up to take the other one's hard dick. He's slammed deep, wrapping his legs around his buddy to get him in even deeper, and taking that fucking until both of them shoot their loads all over him.

Two Naughty Construction Workers Fuck

Duration: 19m, 27s, Starring Denis Pisa, Sebastiano Castello

(67 Votes)

These guys are definitely not dressed to be working in such a high hazard area! Oh wait, it's because these two hot guys are looking to do some work on each other instead of the building, rubbing each other's naked bodies down with their hands and their lips to get one another hard. Their lips wrap around each other's dicks, covering them in drool and making them nice and slick as they bob up and down on their cocks. His asshole is filled to its limit as he bends over for his partner's cock, holding on to his hips and slamming the hell out of his colon. His ripped body is covered in jizz after both of their dicks explode on him.

Ass Fucked Construction Worker Loves Cum

Duration: 21m, 30s, Starring Mirko Tempesta, Stefano Fiorini

(85 Votes)

When they're not hard at work, these two construction workers are just plain hard; for each other, that is. When no one's around, the two gay lovers get to the task at hand, as their lips lock together and their hands start to get busy, massaging one another from their head to their cock head. Their hungry mouths make for a perfect resting place for their meaty dicks, as they warm them up with some hot drool. He spreads his legs and is opened up like never before for his man, getting his butt thrusted deeply by his large member, moaning louder with every push inside of him. He squeezes his cock with his butt muscles to get him to cum quick.

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