Horny Construction Guys Fuck Each Other

Duration: 21m, 31s, Starring Alex Rossi, Caludio Costa

(116 Votes)

When these guys aren't working with power tools, they're working each other's hard tools at the construction site! As soon as he caught a peek down his buddy's overalls, he started stripping him down and went after his big cock. I think it's definitely time for a break! He bobbed his head up and down his pecker, drooling all over it until it was stiff, and then bending over for him to slide his stiffy inside his tight asshole. He clenched his cock tight as it went in and out of his ass, especially when he was riding him to milk him dry. When it was time for him to cum, he got every drop of his hot, sticky load all over his bare chest.

Guys Get Crazy During Lunch On The Job

Duration: 27m, 13s, Starring Peter Danka, Simone Ungaretti

(249 Votes)

Peter Danka and Simone Ungaretti were taking a break on the construction site. They went to the back where the gear was stored so they could be alone and stripped off their clothes. They quickly got naked then Peter knelt down and started sucking on Simone's cock. He sucked him and rubbed his cock then it was Simone's turn to return the favor. He had Peter sit down then he leaned over and really worked that cock and balls with his mouth and tongue. As the guys were ready to cum they pressed their cocks together and came at the same time.

Horny Workers Have Doggy Anal At Work

Duration: 19m, 7s, Starring Andrea Mattioli, Salvatore Ranieri

(147 Votes)

A horny construction worker walks around the corner, to see an attractive builder down on his hands and knees. He dominantly walks over, pulling out his cock and thrusting it in to the other man's mouth. The submissive cocksucker eagerly slurps on that prick, wanting to get a mouthful of cum before the other workmen discover the homosexual action unfolding on the worksite. Then the first guy bends his new buddy over, pulling down his pants and ramming his prick into his hairy ass hole. Placing one hand dominantly on his shoulder, he pounds that ass, stuffing him full of rock hard cock repeatedly with long and deep thrusts.

Builder Gives Up His Ass To Keep His Job

Duration: 35m, 54s, Starring Jan Tonello, Leo Chianti, Mirko Tempesta, Pascal Motta

(127 Votes)

There is a new guy on the construction site but he hasn't been pulling his weight. In a last-ditch effort to get him to perform up to standard, his boss gives him a stern talking to in a secluded corner of the building site. To emphasise his point, the boss waves a banana in the insubordinate worker's face, pointing it at the worker. He stops in shock when the worker begins to lick his lips, wrapping his mouth around the banana as if it was a cock. What the hell, thinks the boss, shoving his own real penis in to the worker's mouth, who eagerly sucks. The builder knows that to keep his job he is going to have to give up his ass!

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