Brunette Twink Living Out Police Fantasy

Duration: 23m, 12s, Starring Hunter Daniels, Xavier Kaim

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Xavier Kaim just loves to get into a police uniform for his 18 year old twink lover Hunter Daniels. In fact, when he doesn't get in the uniform is hard on is just not the same - so he finds himself using it more and more. That guy has a total uniform porn fetish, and I don't blame him. He looks hot as hell in that uniform, and Hunter certainly appreciates getting fucked by a guy that can pull off that look so well. They both end up completely spent and satisfied by the time they finally get done thrusting.

Hot Gay Police Fucking Fantasies

Duration: 21m, 28s, Starring Mickey, Slim

(123 Votes)

I'm sure plenty of guys have uniform porn fantasies, but you don't get to see it nearly often enough in porn. Today, however, you're in for a treat with Slim and Mickey. One has the role of the criminal, while the other wants to be the police delivering his baton to his criminal's ass. Both of them are super sexy and horny, and they make sure to show off their great bodies all the while messing around with each other's cocks. When it's time to fuck, the pair of them are so horny that I have no idea who originally had this fantasy.

Cop Takes This Twink For A Ride

Duration: 22m, 38s, Starring Bret Fables, T.J.

(141 Votes)

This poor guy was on bed on the couch, and he was stirred up by this cop plopping his ass on his stomach! It didn't deter him from wanting some dick though, and soon enough, these boys were roughhousing on the couch, as the started tearing away each other's clothing to see nothing but bare skin. As soon as his dick was exposed, he plunged his cock inside of his mouth, thrusting into his throat as he jerked off his shaft. He laid back to watch him bob his head on his dick, and then licked his ass before slamming his fuck stick inside of it. He banged him deep, and then both of them jerked off to a messy finish.

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