Workmen Joined By Cop For Group Orgy

Duration: 44m, 52s, Starring Anthony DeMarco, Jake Russell, Josh Erickson, Mike Anthony, Josh Nagel

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Gay stereotypes get exploited to the maximum in this incredible homosexual fivesome. It's not often that you see five big cocks on the screen at once, and especially not four workmen and one policeman! The four workmen are hard at work on the job when the stresses of the day get too much for them and they begin to kiss passionately. At first it's just a threesome and then the fourth guy walks in, getting a hand job at first and then joining the suck and fuck orgy. Part way through this ribald group sex, a fat cop walks in and demands a piece of the action. The guys stand in a circle and jerk off on each others' cocks at the end.

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