Two Cops and Three Guys in a Suck Fest

Duration: 58m, 4s, Starring Anthony DeMarco, Jake Russell, Johnny Cage, Jose Cabrera, Rob Jones

(1035 Votes)

After calling his friend to come over for a poker game the two guys discuss who else is going to be joining them and start salivating with the idea of the hot cop who will be there. The cop enters and approaches the suit, letting him massage his cock through his pants. Once his cock is whipped out both guys take turns having a taste of his long hard schlong until there is a cock for each of them. Three guys take a turn sucking on the cops knob before getting a chance to have their own dick polished. The party gets even hotter when there are five guys involved, two of them cops.

Two Buff Male Cops Suck Each Other Off

Duration: 22m, 17s, Starring Erick Raines, Martin Petros

(378 Votes)

Two sexy manly cops are kissing each other and the brunette instructs the bald one to suck on his nipples, moving down his body to his waiting hard dick. He grabs him by the ears, ramming his cock deep down his throat. Pulling out his riot stick, he wraps it around his neck and yanks his head forward down his shaft. Taking control, the brunette waste no time and goes down on the other cop deep throating his entire member. Grabbing him by the ass, he pulls his manhood hard against his mouth, swallowing his warm wet skeet.

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