Horny Cop Instructs Innocent Guy To Suck

Duration: 24m, 15s, Starring Damian Blackwell, Eton Cox

(208 Votes)

A guy is chilling in his apartment in his underpants when all of a sudden a cop bursts in. That's how it is in this police state that we call the United States - the cops can do whatever they want, any time, anywhere! Of course, every cop has a crooked side, and this one is no exception. It turns out that this guy isn't into money - he just wants some fine blond ass! The guy realizes that he has no choice, getting naked with the cop and sucking his cock submissively. Then he sighs as he bends over, offering up his ass hole for some porcine fucking. The dominant cop gives him a damn good rutting, finally spraying him with jism.

Horny Studs in Gay Uniform Porn

Duration: 24m, 46s, Starring Justin Davis, Taylor Donourn

(178 Votes)

Justin Davis walks in on his chilling boyfriend, Taylor Donourn. Justin is in a full cop's uniform, and that's all Taylor needs for his weiner to get super hard. They start off with a few kisses along with dry humping, but you don't get this excited if you're just going to mess around. First there's the proper amount of blowjob action, and soon enough this cop has his boyfriend bent over and he's going to town. He just loves to pound away at that super firm hole, moaning as his tool goes in deeper and harder by the second.

Hot Hunk Fucking a Horny Guy Cop

Duration: 27m, 6s, Starring Tony Akin, Tyson Rexx

(352 Votes)

Tony Akin knows he's in a hell of a lot of trouble - but there's no trouble that cock sucking can't get you out of. It does take him some time to seduce the policeman, Tyson Rexx, but before long he has that cock right in his mouth. Although the cop thinks he initiated it, he ends up getting manipulated by this hunk. There is plenty of cock sucking to go around, although what the cop really wants is for that dick to get sunk deep inside of some ass. He gets what he wants and then some, just so this guy isn't in trouble.

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