Nasty Gays Love To Play With Foreskins

Duration: 19m, 10s, Starring Paul Russells, Riccardo

(289 Votes)

In this depraved cock-play scene, two horny homos play with each others foreskins. In the midst of the hardcore cock session, one guy sticks the head of his penis right inside the other man's foreskin. It looks bizarre, like the sleeves of a Chinese monk as he has them in his pockets. The two men are literally joined at the cock, with their stiff pricks eventually popping out and then they proceed to have some hardcore anal sex. After you've inserted your foreskin into another man's there's nothing else you can really do, so these guys don't hold back from a savage ass-reaming. A huge facial finishes things off.

Uncut Amateur Laying Pipe in Deep

Duration: 17m, 46s, Starring Kevin Roberts, Paul Russells

(610 Votes)

Paul Russells and Kevin Roberts both love uncut cocks, and they start playing with each other right away. Kevin is the one with the uncut dick, while Paul might be cut but he still loves fucking guys with whole penises. The cut dick starts to get sucked on first, although the entire time that uncut cock is getting rubbed until it is as hard as possible. His head bobs up and down that shaft, and when he really wants it he pushes his uncut cock against his friend's cut dick - they end up cock docking together.

Ugly Dude Lets Cutie Use His Dirty Ass

Duration: 18m, 20s, Starring Freddie Boy

(208 Votes)

This repressed homosexual finds himself overwhelmed when that cute guy who operates the check out at the supermarket invites him back to his house for a hardcore suck and fuck session. He gets naked with the good-looking guy, leaning over and taking his stiff and medium-sized prick in his mouth. As he tastes the muskiness of the wang in his throat he wonders how he ever managed to get along without sucking a guy's cock everyday. Then he lies on his back, spreading his pale legs as the good-looking stud jams his butthole. He takes it long and hard in his butt, letting the cute checkout boy satisfy himself with his asshole.

Cute Uncut Cock Docking Action

Duration: 18m, 45s, Starring Kevin Roberts, Shane Harmon

(364 Votes)

If you have never seen cock docking before, you are in for a real treat. It takes two uncut cocks in general, although you can go ahead and do it with one uncut cock and another cock. Watch Shane Harmon and Kevin Roberts as they start to dock with each other. Shane pushes himself inside the foreskin of Kevin, and their heads rub right up against each other. They are horny as fuck while this happens, and their dicks just get harder and harder while the cock docking is happening - it's delicious to watch.

Uncut Amateurs Getting Freaky

Duration: 20m, 2s, Starring Riccardo

(127 Votes)

Riccardo and his friend love to show off their uncut dicks - in fact that's one of their favorite activities any time of the day. They start things off by slowly rubbing against each other, loving the feel and smell of each others manly bodies. Once they get nice and worked up, off goes their clothes. Their uncut cocks are waiting to be played with, and they start in on them almost instantly. There is nothing quite like seeing two sexy uncut guys that want to really pound away at the other.

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