Foreskin Play Guys Have Bareback Anal

Duration: 15m, 23s, Starring Antonio Mendoza, Hector Costa

(178 Votes)

Two horny Latin studs get it on in this amateur style fuck scene. They get completely naked, rubbing their penises together and even inserting their foreskins into one anothers, truly an erotic act! Then the swarthier and more darker skinned of the two rams the other guy in the butt. He has definitely got the biggest dick and he knows how to use it! He bends the pale skinned man over and rams him up the rear, and when he gets tired he relaxes as the fuck slut bounces on his prick, fingering his own pathetically small penis while he does so. The dark skinned man's penis explodes all over his submissive buddy's face, creaming him facially.

Cute Guys Trying Out Cockdocking

Duration: 18m, 27s, Starring Antonio Mendoza, Reg Peters

(113 Votes)

Antonio Mendoza and Reg Peters have something that they always wanted to try out - cock docking. This is the act of putting an uncut cock against another dick so that it surrounds his partner's cock. It might sound a bit weird at first, but the sensation of it certainly pays off. They end up rubbing their heads up against each other for much longer than you would expect - and I'm amazed that they managed to hold off on cumming all over each other until later on in this hot cock-dock scene. You just have to see it to believe it.

Horny Uncut Amateur Cock Docks

Duration: 19m, 21s, Starring Claudio Vega, Paul Russells

(259 Votes)

Paul Russells has a rather impressive uncut dick, and he wants to share his foreskin with the world - or more specifically, with Claudio Vega. After a lengthy dick sucking session, he ends up sliding his foreskin over Claudio's cock, working his head up against the glans, loving the sensation as it gets more and more intense. It's really a unique sensation, and you should find an uncut friend to try it out with if you don't happen to have an uncut cock yourself. It's unlike anything you've ever experienced.

Cum Hungry Cocksucker Loves To Swallow

Duration: 16m, Starring Paul Russells, Riccardo

(596 Votes)

This horny cock sucker has been hungry for a big dick in his mouth all week. He's been cloistered in his room, refreshing all of the top gay porn sites and masturbating furiously, fantasising over and over about giving someone a deepthroat, sloppy blow job and then receiving the thick mouthful of cum which he is due. Finally he meets a guy online, eagerly cruising over to his house to suck his dick and get fucked. This is some really hardcore gay sex and the poor guy really takes a savage anal pounding, but he obviously loves it, judging by the grin on his face as he swallows the creamy load - what a huge, salty mouthful!

Dean O And Carlos Miguel Fuck On A Chair

Duration: 13m, 33s, Starring Dean O, Mark Urban

(120 Votes)

Dean O met Carlos Miguel when they were out hanging out and they decided to go back to Dean's place and have some fun. As soon as the door was shut they got naked then Dean took Carlos' big cock in his mouth and sucking him good. Carlos shoved his cock under Dean's foreskin and they fucked cock to cock then Carlos bent Dean over and drilled him deep in the ass. Carlos grabbed his hips and fucked him hard and deep the rolled him onto his back and fucked him faster until he was ready to explode the Dean took his dick in his mouth and sucked all the hot jizz out.

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