Two Studs Suck Each Others Uncut Pricks

Duration: 20m, 26s, Starring Julian LeCoq, Matieu Taillon

(368 Votes)

Matieu Taillon and Julian LeCoq are two men that share an interest in exotic paintings and big cocks. So when Julian sees his new friend Matieu outside a museum he invites him to his place instead so he can look at his exotic art. Lucky for Matieu, the only price he'll have to pay involves a wet dick sucking. Both of these studs take turns sucking on each others big, uncut pricks until it's time for submissive Matieu to get his ass fucked. As his tight asshole is being pounded, he strokes his dick until he cums all over his stomach. Then Julian add his own sticky load to his partner's chest.

Two Gay Men Suck and Fuck Each Other

Duration: 20m, 36s, Starring Joseph DeSeve, Tomy O'rne

(265 Votes)

Homeless gay man in Montreal gets approached by another gay man and invited back to his place. The remove their shirts and to repay the favor of a place to get off the streets the native Habitant lays back to let the English speaking man suck on his hard cock. He gets on his knees to take his turn sucking on the other guys shaft, using his tongue to lick him from balls to head. After getting their cocks dripping wet, they give each others asshole a lick, lubricating it up before the French man fucks the English one in the asshole.

Same Time Same Place Same Cocksucker

Duration: 21m, 26s, Starring Ken Dumoulin, Toine Rousseau

(339 Votes)

They meet again, sharing a sensual long tongue kiss. They slowly undress each other and admire their bodies that are so much alike and so different too. He drops to his knees and wets his cock with his dripping wet tongue before taking it in and out of his hot greedy mouth. They exchange places as each gets his turn at the oral pleasures. He bends him over and puts his tongue to his asshole - wetting and lubricating it for his dick's entrance. He slides his boner in slowly slowly until his balls touch his balls. He starts slowly and builds to a faster pump - jacking it in and out until finally pulling it out and gives up the load.

Nerd Gets Ass Fucked By Strapping Stud

Duration: 19m, 28s, Starring Alain DuPont, Mikel Jacques

(297 Votes)

A nerdy young man has just purchased a new computer. He asks one of his buddies, a good-looking young stud, to come and help him set it up. They start clicking around on the Internet and looking at gay porn. Soon the two men realise how aroused they are, going down on each other and sucking each other until they are rock hard. The stud bends the geeky guy over, tonguing his little ass hole until it is slippery and wet. Then he penetrates his buddy, sliding his thick cock in to that impossibly small hole and making his computer obsessed friend scream as he gets butt fucked. The stud cums all over his buddy's ass hole.

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