Two Guys Hook Up For Extreme Gay Fuck

Duration: 15m, 10s, Starring Antonio Mendoza, Tito

(208 Votes)

Two Caucasian guys hook up through the Internet for some hot and heavy gay ass fucking. They have established in advance which one is going to be the top and which one is the bottom, and as soon as the dominant stud walks in the front door, his partner falls to his knees and start slurping that sweet gay cock. Then he bends over, submissively holding his ass cheeks apart to reveal a hairy but tight looking anus. His friend spits on it, loosening him up with a finger before he plugs him in his dirty shit hole with his massive cock. This is some extreme gay fucking as this submissive guy takes the full length of his partner's penis.

Eager Guy Sucks A Hard And Filthy Penis

Duration: 10m, 21s, Starring Dean O, Gino Bravo

(137 Votes)

A submissive cocksucker gets picked up by a dominant gay pornstar for some extremely hard sex. This dick slurping expert loves to be disciplined by his man, willingly getting on his knees and letting herself get throat fucked by the big dick fella. He gags on that cock, but keeps on going, trying to cram as much as prick down his throat as she can. Then he takes a hard sodomising, without even the benefit of a reach around as his butt hole gets stretched out in several different positions with minimal lubrication - just the odd dash of spit every so often! The eager dick sucker swallows as much of this man's thick load as he can.

Two Guy Get Freaky On The Couch

Duration: 14m, 54s, Starring Gino Bravo, Paul Russells

(181 Votes)

Paul Russells and Gino Bravo were on the couch making out. They were so into it they started peeling each others clothes off then Paul leaned over and took Gino's hard dick in his mouth. One Gino was hard he took his dick and shoved it into and under Paul's large uncircumcised foreskin. They fucked dick to dick for a few minutes the Gino bent Paul over and drove his now throbbing hard cock into his ass. He fucked him doggy style then laid him down on his back and fucked him that way. As he was ready to cum Paul took Gino's hard prick into his mouth and swallowed that hot load.

Goatee Dude Sucks And Gets Anal Fucked

Duration: 15m, 21s, Starring Gino Bravo, Ronaldo

(173 Votes)

Have you ever had that incredibly turned-on feeling, when you'd give your left testicle to have a stiff cock to suck? What about getting fucked in the ass, do you like that? This guy sure does, and he is virtually tearing his buddy's pants off in a frenzy to get some stiff man meat in his mouth. He sucks that dick long and hard, looking up into the camera as if he wants to share his cocksucking joy with the rest of the world. No matter whether you want to be on the giving or the receiving end of this oral frenzy, you've got to admit - this is damn good porn! The scene proceeds to some hardcore anal, as the cocksucker gets reamed and creamed.

Cute Gay Amateurs Fucking Uncut

Duration: 13m, 20s, Starring Dean O, Ronaldo

(74 Votes)

There is just something about seeing the wonder on a cut guy's face when he gets a chance to suck at an uncut cock. Ronald works his mouth up and down Dean O's dick. He also gets to experience the joys of cock docking - that's when the uncut guy envelops you in his foreskin and really drives you crazy. It's hard to describe just how awesome it feels if you've never experienced it before - but it certainly is the chance of a lifetime to get your dick head to head inside of the foreskin. They also fuck in a more conventional way later.

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