Bryan Archer Enjoys Outdoor Man Sex

Duration: 1h, 15m, 23s, Starring Antonio, Bryan Archer

(1243 Votes)

Bryan Archer has been looking for Antonio for quite some time, and he's more than ready to have him right out in the middle of the woods. It's getting him incredibly hot and bothered, especially when you're working with two studly guys who are both uncut. It's quite a sight to see, and one that will leave you wanking it for hours and hours later. As these guys get more and more worked up with each other, they find that they'll have no problem if someone happens to walk by and see what they're up to in this beautiful locale.

Gay Uncut Cock Fucking White Ass in Paradise

Duration: 59m, Starring Pony

(553 Votes)

Pony comes to paradise looking for what he's been craving but can't find in his home-town. A tall dark and handsome man with an accent to fuck him every way he can imagine with his huge uncut pole! He takes a flight and goes deep into the bush of Foreskin Island where he's heard of great big cocks doing unspeakable things to the visitors! Kneeling out in the woods, naked and hopeful he sees his savior from his dull days. Wearing only a set of jean shorts, his dream man pulls out his uncut package and starts filling Pony's head with amazing things at length!

Gay Latin Lover Finds Ass to Grind

Duration: 37m, 32s, Starring Alex Junior

(1058 Votes)

Alex Junior wants to introduce this traveler to his huge prick, but hasn't had him alone and to himself long enough until now. Getting him naked and touching him all over in his river, the traveler gets the idea pretty quickly and pulls Alex's cock out for a quick go with his tongue before getting him naked too so they can really play! A little rimming is in order after the oral to get their anuses good and wet and lubricated before they go balls deep in one another. Banging hard, the cum comes fast, and gets everywhere!

Gura Loves to Deepthroat Down Dick

Duration: 25m, 28s, Starring Gura

(515 Votes)

There are some guys that just can't manage to give a proper blowjob. Then there's Gura. Gura makes up for every shitty blowjob you've ever gotten from a guy in one fell swoop. He chokes down that cock and takes it to the back of his throat, not once gagging or complaining that it was too much dick. Instead he gets his partner nice and hard in a rather scenic field before taking a hard and fast pounding, pushed down against the grass and loving the way his ass gets stretched by that generous sized dick.

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