Uncut Male Strippers Fucking on Stage

Duration: 21m, 5s, Starring Karlo Novicky, Lorenc Veno

(171 Votes)

Now this is the type of thing that I would love to see if I went to the strip club - Lorenc Veno and Karlo Novicky are hot male strippers that know how to work that pole rather well - but it's their own poles that I'm really interested in. They're both uncut hotties that can't help but show off their skills on stage, so instead of a strip tease, there's a full out blowjob session going on up there. Now that's more than worth the price of admittance, especially with the way their muscles flex and tighten in pleasure.

Gay Auditioner Takes It In The Ass

Duration: 16m, 4s, Starring Dino Slavek, Romi Vondra

(157 Votes)

This guy thinks that he can get onto this show easily, and so he makes his way to the stage to show off his skills. He starts dancing, and takes off his clothes until he's dancing around in his tighty whities. That's when he takes out his cock and points it right to the producer, stroking it while he jerks himself off. The producer is so moved by his giant cock that he takes his cock down his throat and sucks it totally stiff. The producer then gets hard when he plunges his dick down his throat, and then he bends him over to fuck him deep up his tight ass. He knows that he has the moves, and now he knows he has the ass to fuck until he cums!

Horny Gays Have Hot Fuck And Suck Action

Duration: 28m, 15s, Starring Roland Radek, Rosta Bartos

(148 Votes)

This hot gay sex scene begins with a couple of horny queers inviting a third guy, who is studying in the common room, to join them for some suck and fuck action. The young man politely declines and so the first two men go into the back room. There is a mirror on the wall on which they can watch themselves getting dirty. They strip nude, kneeling before one another to suck each others' pricks. Then one guy leans up against the wall, sticking his ass out. His boyfriend hungrily tongues his dirty ass hole before he sticks his cock right up inside. Later on, one guy lies on a chair while the other guy squats on top, bouncing up and down.

Hot Gays Have A Hot Backdoor Fuck

Duration: 22m, 35s, Starring Jiri Sovak, Peter Horny

(198 Votes)

After a wild night at the gay club, a dominant stud fucks a submissive cocksucker right up his ass. The two young men sequester themselves in the back room, with just a chair for company. As the tough guy stands there in his underwear, the submissive male kneels in front of him, taking his new lover's cock in his mouth and sucking it as far down as he can. He virtually chokes on the dick, spluttering as the dominant stud fucks his face. Then the cocksucker gets bent over in the chair, gives himself the reach around while the other man pounds him firmly in his tight ass, drilling him hard.

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