Gay Pornstars in Uniform Porn Scene

Duration: 21m, 46s, Starring Slim, Tyson Rexx

(235 Votes)

Tyson Rexx and Slim both love to get into uniforms to get nasty with each other. In fact, nothing turns them on more than trying out a gay porn scene like this. Once they get into uniform, you can see their dicks from a mile away because they're so hard. I just love watching them grope at each other's crotches, their hands working their way between balls and dick. Once they're finished with that, they end up getting ready to fuck, throwing clothes all over the place and getting their dicks deep inside of each other's asses.

Crooked Cop Fucked In The Ass By Suspect

Duration: 29m, 15s, Starring Dex Dexter, Jason Kelly

(432 Votes)

This clip just goes to show how dirty cops can be! A crooked police officer leads a suspect in to an interview room, removing the cuffs and throwing away the key. He pushes the suspect up against the wall, pressing his lips against the other man's and grinding against him with all his passion. The cop even drops to his knees, sucking the suspect's cock to seal the deal. This dirty cop bends right over, leaning against the wall and exposing his ass hole for fucking. You can see his pathetic little cock and balls while the suspect reams him anally, deep stroking his porcine ass and making the cop moan, groan and snarl.

Hot Gay Twinks Laying Pipe on Bed

Duration: 21m, 1s, Starring TJ, Xavier Kaim

(171 Votes)

TJ and Xavier Kaim are two sexy twinks one of them happens to be shaved and brunette, while the other has spiky blond hair. Although they look like fire and ice together, it seems that they are both majorly into each other. They start things off by TJ sucking on Xavier's dick, getting it nice and full in his mouth. He loves how it keeps on growing as he sucks, and he starts flicking his tongue around to get it even harder. Once he's done with all that, it's off to the races - the butt fucking races.

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