Cop Breaks And Enters A Guy's Tight Anus

Duration: 24m, 1s, Starring Scott Bradley, Tony Akin

(453 Votes)

Naughty beat cop, Tony Akin doesn't give a fuck. He calls the shots and today he wants to bang some sweet man-ass...Scott Bradley's! He busts a guy for petty crimes but becomes immediately excited in his pants when he sees his pretty mouth! Soon enough, these boys are making out and racing to get each others' pants off. Scott takes that cop cock in his mouth and sucks to his heart's delight, almost making Tony pop! They enjoy some sensual anal-blasting butt-fucking before Tony drops a huge load in Scott's pretty mouth!

Cop Fucks The Common Man In The Ass

Duration: 26m, 3s, Starring Michael Madison, Wiley Boyd

(79 Votes)

It's lucky for homeowners like this one that we have the police! Not only can a law officer come over and take care of your personal safety issues, he can also give you a great blow job and fuck you in the ass! It's no joke - the pigs are great at fucking the common man right up the butt! This homeowner is seduced by a shaven head cop, who pulls the curtains and sucks this homeowner's cock until it is rock hard. The pig doesn't stop there, bending the homeowner over and fucking him right in his ass hole, making him squeal. He hits the guy's prostate repeatedly, making precum come out the end of the shaft, until the cocks are covered.

Duncan Skidmore & Tyler Marx Fucking On The Couch

Duration: 24m, 25s, Starring Duncan Skidmore, Tyler Marx

(77 Votes)

Duncan Skidmore is showing off his uniform porn skills when he gets dressed up as the part of a policeman, and Tyler Marx just eats it up. He loves to yank off his boyfriend's uniform, at least after giving a long and considering look to the nightstick. Before long he has his pants completely off with his shlong deep down his throat, sucking and swallowing it whole. The gay uniform porn action doesn't stop there, though - they end up bending over the couch and slaming and pounding away on each other.

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