Cops And Firemen Love To Swallow A Penis

Duration: 28m, 23s, Starring Mike Anthony, Paul Carrigan, Vince Siciliano

(896 Votes)

A whole emergency services team gets called to an apartment for a false alarm. The home owner isn't around and there is no apparent danger, so these horny guys abandon their duties and get into some horny cocksucking! At first you see a fully uniformed firefighter blowing a policeman in the kitchen. The uniformed cop blows his load in the guy's mouth, only to be replaced by another fireman. The cop leaves and the two firefighters get it on for some more mutual oral sex, eventually leading each other into the living room where they have hot anal sex on the couch. No doubt the homeowner would be furious if he knew what was happening!

Martin Petros And Johnny Cage Team Up As A Hot Cop And Biker

Duration: 24m, 25s, Starring Johnny Cage, Martin Petros

(460 Votes)

When this cock hungry policeman pulls over a rugged biker for a traffic stop, he's got more on his mind than just giving the guy a fine! Without much ado, the cop unzips the biker's pants and pulls out his cock. The biker is helpless to resist, and he is surprised to see himself growing hard in the hands of this experienced policeman! The two guys exchange some hot oral sex, and damn but it's hot watching a cop sucking another man's penis! The biker knows that in order to avoid a fine or jail he has to give up his ass hole, so he doesn't complain, bending over at the waist over his own motorcycling getting banged in his tight sphincter.

Hunky Cop Gets Good Backyard Cocksucking

Duration: 16m, 10s, Starring Brian Hanson, Jorgan Varg

(194 Votes)

Some horny guys just can't keep their hands - or their mouths - off a uniformed man! There's just something so hot about a man strutting around in his uniform, confident that he carries the whole power of his department behind him. When this cop bursts in to a good-looking stud's backyard, the guy isn't going to let the hot cop escape without blowing him first! At first the policeman is hesitant, not wanting to get into trouble, but the homeowner relentlessly unzips the policeman's trousers and begins to blow him. The cop's got a really nice, long and thick cock, and it looks great sliding in and out of this hot stud's mouth!

Horny Cop Fucks A Dude In The Asshole

Duration: 16m, Starring Brian Hanson, Johnny Cage

(322 Votes)

Like a good civil servant, this policeman responds to a householder's request for assistance. It turns out to be a false alarm, but the cop lingers with the man in the living room, entranced by the good-looking stud's hot body. Soon, this cop is having his dick sucked by this horny homosexual homeowner, and then the oral goes both ways as the cop tastes a little penis himself. However, like most policemen, this particular law enforcement officer loves to lay down his version of the law, spreading the guy's legs and pounding him in the butt while the homeowner masturbates furiously. The cop cums right in the guy's spent ass.

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