Horny Gay Hockey Players Fucking

Duration: 11m, 11s, Starring Andre Cardinal, Carl Erik

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Andre Cardinal and Carl Erik are the gay hotties starring in this hockey themed gay fuck fest. Usually you'll see baseball, football, or soccer shown in sports fetish videos, but not today. Today you get a mega hunky hockey player going back into the locker room and giving his new found friend head. He doesn't even take his pads off when he starts, although soon enough you'll see him completely naked. I don't know about you, but uniform porn, especially sports uniform porn, just does it for me.

Hockey Studs Try Some Locker Room Anal

Duration: 9m, 37s, Starring Claude, Daniel Ranger

(230 Votes)

After a vigorous and physical ice hockey practice, the guys hit the showers. Soon everyone has left except the shy, new member of the team, who takes longer than the rest of the guys to get changed. He is a bit shy - he's ashamed of his penis size, and is also scared that he might get an erection around all of those good-looking guys in the locker room! He is squatting half naked in the corner when the star of the team walks in, placing a paternal hand on his shoulder. Soon the young cocksucker is swallowing the star's cock! He blows him and gets the dick wet for his ass. The scene ends with some excellent locker room anal.

Player And Coach Have A Closed Door Talk

Duration: 11m, 40s, Starring Mark Richard, Mitch Levec

(209 Votes)

Hockey player Mark Richard is called into coach Mitch Levec's office for a pep talk. Mark is under a lot of pressure, and Mitch wants to help him blow off some steam. Mark starts to rub his hardening cock through his pants, and Mitch drops to his knees in front of him to blow him. Mark bends over so Mitch can give him a rim job, and both men stroke themselves off as he does. Mark squats to suck Mitch's dick, and Mitch bends over to take it up the ass doggy style. Mitch lays back on his desk to have his ass plugged missionary, and both men finally blow their loads all over Mitch's stomach.

Eager Guy Takes Two Cocks In The Shower

Duration: 14m, 42s, Starring Andre Cardinal, Ben Hardy, Daniel Ranger, Guy Reed

(596 Votes)

This clip begins with a good-looking guy soaping himself up in the showers. Another man, attracted by the sight of those tight buns in those swimming trunks, approaches him, cupping his cock and balls and getting down on his knees for some oral sex. Soon the first man is getting a hardcore ass fucking, bent over at the waist with his butt full of cock. Another man peers in through the doorway and a black genitor also watches in appreciation, pausing in his work and pulling out his black dick to masturbate. The guy getting fucked in the ass wants some of that black dick, so he abandons his white buddy and bends over for the filthy workman.

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