Gay Black Man Pounds Tight White Ass

Duration: 13m, 2s, Starring Big Boss, Trevor

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Interracial men believe that size really does matter and the skinny white guy who is sucking on the big black gets a taste of how much size plays a part. The ebony stud is leaning against a kitchen counter and the white man squats down in front of him, holding his own dick as he polishes the chocolate knob. Picking the white guy up from the floor he bends him over the counter top ramming him from behind. As he pounds him hard against the ledge, he has to brace himself with each pump of the hips. Sitting side by side on the counter they pull their pud until the explode.

Two Muscular Studs Have Hot Homo Sex

Duration: 21m, 50s, Starring Don Juan, Soloman

(284 Votes)

Latino stud Don Juan lays back naked on his bed as muscular hunk Soloman sucks his hard cock. Soloman blows Don long and deep, playing with his balls as he sucks him off. Soloman gets on his hands and knees to take it up his tight ass doggy style, and Don thrusts his dick in and out of Soloman's dirty shit hole. Don once again lays back as Soloman strokes him off, sucking Don's rod clean after he blows his load, and Soloman lays back and jerks himself off, finally shooting his hot cum all over his tight stomach.

Sexy Ebony Men Have A Gay Moment

Duration: 20m, 10s, Starring Dareone Black, Koby Bird

(147 Votes)

Caught in mid act, two gay black men are in the midst of fucking. One guy is bent over getting rammed from behind like a dog. The harder he gets pounded the closer his head is to banging into the head board. He raises his chest off the bed so he can grasp his own cock and jerk it off as he is being slammed. Laying flat on his belly the other guy presses his body against his back to slow the pace for a bit. He breaks early to let the other guy have a taste of his juices, sliding his cock deep down his throat and blowing his load in his warm open mouth.

Gay Ebony Men Get Covered in Jiz

Duration: 19m, 20s, Starring De Karlo, Soloman

(129 Votes)

Two black gay men lay on a bed, one is bobbing his head up and down the other guys long shaft as he holds it steady at the base. Using his tongue and wet mouth he lubricates his entire cock so that it will easily slip between his ass cheeks. He gets on all fours like a dog and the other guy mount his from behind. With his hips banging against his bubble butt he rams his cock deep into his ass, pounding him hard and fast. He pulls out just in time to blow his load all the muscular chest of the other guy.

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