Christian Diaz Taking a Fat Black Dick

Duration: 19m, 46s, Starring Christian Diaz, Mice Man

(249 Votes)

Christian Diaz is one of the most enthusiastic gay pornstars that I've ever seen - and he also happens to suck a mean dick. You can see his talents as he's going down on Mice Man, who might have a small name, but he does have a very big black dick. This interracial gay porno will have you whipping your own dick out, working it as Christian gets more and more intense with his sucking. He also makes sure to spread his ass out, inviting Mice to plunge his own cock in deep inside and start stretching out that sweet asshole.

Big Gay White Dick Gets Sucked and Rode

Duration: 17m, 53s, Starring Christian Diaz, Little Blundt

(80 Votes)

Usually when you see a black gay in a gay porno, you know that his dick is going to be the one that gets waved around. However, in this one Christian Diaz gets his dick sucked by his black costar Little Blundt, who not only gives a great tongue lashing, but also takes a dick like a pro. This reverse interracial gay porn scene has Christian pounding the hell out of that sweet chocolate ass, going harder and harder until he's just begging to explode all over. By the time they are both done, they can only lay there and moan.

Big Dick Interracial Gay Fuck Fest

Duration: 18m, 6s, Starring Alex Mendez, Koby Bird

(91 Votes)

Even if the guys say that size doesn't matter, every single one of them know that it does. Koby Bird and Alex Mendez are set on showing off their big schlongs in this interracial fuck fest. Koby certainly is packing the bigger dick of the two - he has an unfair advantage since he's packing dark meat. However Alex certainly stands up to that dick, and when he's getting his own sucked you can see how massive it is. They end up getting cum covered, and you'll get a great show from these two big and studly guys.

Big Dick Gay Studs Fucking and Sucking

Duration: 20m, 56s, Starring Alex Mendez, Christian Diaz

(121 Votes)

Alex Mendez and Christian Diaz never believed when people said that size doesn't matter - of course it fucking matters, and it especially matters to these two big dicked gay dudes. They start off without much small talk - instead they go directly for a nice suck fest that leaves them both harder than a rock. Once they get past the foreplay, they move on to more intense things, such as the fucking. Alex's ass ends up so fucking sore after this sex machine gets hold of him that he can barely walk to his car afterwards.

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