Slender Twinks Getting Nasty in Bed

Duration: 20m, 31s, Starring Vlad Milochec, Phabian Lane

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Vlad Milochec and Phabian Lane are the type of guys that are in that in between phase - they're pretty twinky, but there's a bit of a build with them that has a bit of a studly look to them. They don't really spend much time mincing words - instead they're wrapping their lips around each other's cocks, enjoying the way that those cocks slide up and down their throats. They love properly deepthroating each other in this gay porno, and when the time comes for the fucking they are all over that as well.

Blake Andrews Getting Big Mouthful

Duration: 21m, 43s, Starring Blake Andrews, Ben Taperson

(11 Votes)

Blake Andrews is one of those gay pornstars that you just can't resist - he has the perfect lips, the sexiest body, and a voice that will make your melt right away. Ben Taperson gets the joy of fucking him today, although first he's going to get one of the best gay blowjobs that he has ever experienced. He sighs and leans back into the couch, pushing his dick up and making it demand attention off of his very horny friend. They end things with a bang, going for the best ass pounding that either has ever experienced.

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