Older Dude Bangs Little Twink In His Ass

Duration: 13m, 24s, Starring Bryon Rogers, Jay Richards

(91 Votes)

This clip just goes to show that you can't let age be a barrier to passionate homosexual love! After a brief introduction with a couple of guys talking in the kitchen, we see the main action unfold, as an older gentleman blows his much younger toy boy. There has seriously got to be 20 years plus age difference between the two men, but the younger chap looks quite happy to see the older, grey-haired man down on his knees blowing him. Then the older dude takes control once more, bending the younger man over at the waist and sodomising him, using only spit and precum as anal lubricant. The young buck gets it good from his daddy!

These Two Guys Can't Get Enough Dick

Duration: 17m, 10s, Starring Alex Tuner, Vincent DeMarco

(103 Votes)

Alex Turner hooked up with Vincent DeMarco and took him home. As soon as they were back to Alex's place they were kissing and undressing each other. The guys took turns sucking each other's long cocks. After a quick 69 Alex tossed Vincent's salad then slowly eased his cock into his ass. He pounded him hard, fucking him good while he jerked on his cock. Vincent was in heaven. He wanted more so he pulled his legs back to let Alex get in real deep. When Alex was ready to cum he pulled out and pressed his cock against Vincent's and they stroked them together so they could cum at the same time.

Gay Studs Show Off Inventive Positions

Duration: 19m, 6s, Starring Bryon Rogers, Josh Kole, Scott Williams

(160 Votes)

This horny dude is about to get a rough initiation into threesome gay sex! He begins the clip flanked by two good-looking young gay dudes in jeans, looking slightly uncomfortable. However, he soon relaxes when the two boys kneel in front of him, blowing him like never before. He's never experienced such delicious oral pleasure - it's twice the fun with twice as many cocks in the picture! Then the guys take turns fucking each other in the ass, going through some extremely inventive positions that combine sodomy and oral sex at the same time. After all, all three dicks need to be accommodated for! Needless to say, there's a lot of cum.

Doctor Fucks His Subordinate In The Ass

Duration: 17m, 17s, Starring Danny Crane, Eric Stavros

(217 Votes)

One night at the hospital, a young Latino doctor is talking to one of the good-looking cleaning staff. The doctor is feeling extremely stressed and he needs some relief, plus he has always thought that this guy was super good-looking, so he launches himself at him, kissing him passionately. He can feel how hard the cleaning guy's cock is through his trousers and so they disappear in to an office for some hardcore anal. First the doctor fucks the orderly in the ass and then they swap around, with the orderly tasting power as he sodomises a man who is far higher than he is in hospital hierarchy. They ejaculate on each others' penises.

Four Guys Have Hot Cocksucking Reunion

Duration: 14m, 58s, Starring Alex Tuner, Kevin Alexander, Robby Taylor, Sebastian Jaymz

(81 Votes)

Cocksucking, anal, ass to mouth - this clip has it all! It begins with four young chaps getting together to celebrate the holiday season, but their good-natured reunion soon turns to a four-man fuck and suck orgy. At first the guys pair off, kissing and enjoying some cocksucking and anal. Then all hell breaks loose as their four cocks combine, rubbing together in the centre of the circle during some mutual cocksucking and ass licking action that will drive you crazy! Later on in this scene they indulge in some filthy ass to mouth, one guy plugging another up the butt and periodically withdrawing to stick the shaft down another's throat.

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