Submissive Gay Sex Stud Bili Spit Roasted And Then Cummed On

Duration: 18m, 30s, Starring Bili, Mateya, Milos

(121 Votes)

It's always been skinny stud Bili's fantasy to get disciplined by two hung guys - and today he gets to bring his darkest dream to life! He's surrounded on both sides by studs Milo and Mateya, whose dicks are already rock hard. They rub them all over delirious Bili's face, covering both cheeks with trails of precum. Bili hungrily sucks down those cocks, getting the two studs to the point of orgasm before he lets them take him in the butt. Then he gets spit roasted, keeping one dick in his throat while he gets roughly fucked in the ass then his two sodomizers swap around, both taking a taste of Bili's rear end. That ass is going to be sore!

Vlada Has His Tender Ass Hole Stretched To A Ridiculous Size

Duration: 19m, 44s, Starring Andrija, Vlada

(81 Votes)

Vlada isn't the most attractive dude in the world, but he is a consummate cocksucker and anal slut. As we all know, gay guys love to gossip, and word has gotten around that he is always up for a fuck! In fact, he has widely developed a reputation as an eager cum receptacle, with plenty of guys lining up to fuck him bareback and spray him with their loads. Chubby blond stud Andrija gets one of Vlada's trademark blowjobs before he bends him over and drills him mercilessly in the ass. There's minimal lube used, and you can really Vlada screwing up his face in a mix of pain and pleasure as his butt hole gets stretched to a ridiculous size.

A Boys Weekend Turns Into A Mans Weekend

Duration: 18m, 56s, Starring Milos, Vlada, Vlada

(84 Votes)

Milos, Vlada and Vlada all told their friends and family that they were going away for the weekend on a camping trip. Most people were surprised since none of them knew a damn thing about camping in the first place, but how are they to judge. Once everyone bought the fake story, they all packed their bags for a weekend away at a friend's apartment who was out of town. This sausage party would last for days and they were sure they'd know just how to pass the time if they ever got bored, which they never did.

Gay Threesome With Andrija And Sasa And Ivan

Duration: 20m, 12s, Starring Andrija, Ivan, Sasa

(129 Votes)

When it comes to some weekend fun time, Sasa, Andrija and Ivan have the right idea in mind. They're going to be getting all hot and bothered together, because they want a gay threesome that leaves their dicks hard as rocks. These guys have a pretty average guy next door look, so you're getting a pretty good look at their built bodies. They aren't super built, but overall they look like any guy that you're going to see walking down the street. That just makes it even hotter, as they're going to be pounding away until everyone is stretched.

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