Gay Man Fucks His Roommate!

Duration: 17m, 38s, Starring Jason Lucas, Kyle Douglas

(146 Votes)

Kyle Douglas is chilling on a couch when Jason Lucas comes in and starts licking his ass and cock

Outdoor Gays Have Hot Sex On The Balcony

Duration: 12m, 56s, Starring Marcello, Ricky Hanson

(144 Votes)

Two cute toned young Caucasian guys are sunbathing out on the deck, dressed only in their underwear. Their looks becomes more and more sexually charged, and it becomes clear that neither man is going to leave before he has had the chance to experience the other man's ass hole. They press their hard bodies up against one another, grinding their cocks against each other through the fabric of their underpants. One guy gives his buddy a good blowjob, before he gets bent over and has his tender ass hole licked. He gets bent over the railing, fucked hard in his sphincter from the back while his buddy fucks him right up his cheerio.

Cock Hungry Gays Have Wild Threesome

Duration: 17m, 59s, Starring Jason Lucas, Jay Richards, Wicked

(132 Votes)

These three college guys need to take back and relax in order to let off steam after their stressful exam period. After the last test is over, they get to partying. Of course, if you get three horny young gay studs in a room together and combine it with sexual tension, you're going to get a gangbang! Soon the clothes are hitting the floor, and the guys lie in a circle, each man sucking the cock of the guy next to him. There is also plenty of ass licking and fingering. One guy gets picked on by the other two guys, and roughly fucked!

Gay Porn Stash Leads To Hardcore Anal

Duration: 10m, 58s, Starring Cole Ryder, Tony Serrano

(96 Votes)

An athletic stud has been suspicious about his roommate's sexuality for quite some time, and his suspicions are confirmed when he opens his friend's hidden porn stash, finding a cache of gay pornography. Just at that moment, his blond room mate walks into the room, gasping when he sees his buddy pouring through his gay porn collection. However, his roommate just smiles invitingly, walking over to the blond man, unzipping his fly, and taking his gay dick and swallowing it right to the bottom. His blond friend is so turned on that he lies back, pulling his pants down the rest of the way, baring his tight ass hole and begging to get fucked.

Gay Couple Invites A Guy In For A 3some

Duration: 26m, 34s, Starring Devon Williams, Kyle Douglas, Sebastian Jaymz

(158 Votes)

To cheer him up, this gay couple brought this guy out to dinner to feel better about his current boyfriend situation. And the cheering up didn't stop at dinner, because they offered him the chance to fuck with both of them in a hot gay threesome on the couch! They started kissing and rubbing each other before he took out one of their cocks and licked it up and down until it was rock hard. All three got sucked off together, and then he had his ass licked before he felt the penetration that he so sorely needed. He couldn't believe just how good it felt to be fucked by his friends, and he gladly accepted all of their cum all over him.

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