Horny Gay Trio Sucks And Fucks

Duration: 19m, 9s, Starring Aaron Carpenter, Evan, Gerald Tremor

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Those short shorts he's wearing must have been quite enticing to the other two guys, because they had their hands all over his body before Aaron, Evan and Gerald whipped their clothes off to get this gay three-way started. When he laid eyes on both of their pricks, he took them in his mouth back and forth, sucking and licking them until they were completely stiff. Then he got some head of his own before he spread his ass cheeks open and took a cock as deep inside of his butt as it could go. He was bounced between both of them, with one in his mouth and one in his ass, as they fucked him from both sides until they came in his mouth.

Twinks Tag Team A Guy In Both Ends

Duration: 18m, 20s, Starring Aaron Carpenter, Gerald Tremor, Mike Santon

(68 Votes)

It doesn't take long for the action to heat up between Mike, Aaron and Gerald in this steamy gay threesome, and it doesn't take long for these guys to take their clothes off and whip out their dicks! Since the one in the middle is hungry, he gets to take both of their cocks inside of his mouth, moving back and forth between them and sucking their pricks stiff. He then bends over on the couch after having his own pecker licked, and takes one in his mouth and one in his asshole. He gets it balls deep in his butt from both guys, and after they're through fucking him, they both blast him in the face with their hot cream.

Two Hot Loads Of Jizz For One Guy

Duration: 19m, 31s, Starring Aaron Carpenter, Andrew Towers, Walter Domingo

(213 Votes)

Damn, this guy is squirming already as his buddy's kiss and fondle his body! Andrew, Aaron and Walter have been waiting for this twink threesome for a long time, and they're ready to get it on quickly after they all get naked and start feeding him their dicks. He sucks on both of them up and down until they're rock hard, and then he lays back on the couch so he can give and receive head before he spreads his ass cheeks and feels every inch inside of his asshole. He even gets on top and rides one while having his throat filled up with the other, as they pass him back and forth and have him suck and fuck them until they shoot their load.

Bald Stud Takes Two Dicks To Milk Dry

Duration: 18m, 45s, Starring Chip Lawson, Diego Villalobos, Jason Ross

(106 Votes)

When these three guys get together, you don't see much in the way of video game playing or ball playing, unless you count the balls dangling between their legs! Chip, Jason and Diego are only interested in getting each other off in this hardcore threesome action, as he opens his mouth for his friend's two dicks, while they slide in and out from between his lips. Soon enough, they're making a suck train on the couch, before they bend him over and start to fuck him in the ass while his mouth gets filled up with cock as well. His moans are muffled by the thick prick in his mouth, as he milks both guys dry all over his tongue.

Hot Twinks Jerk, Suck And Fuck For Cum

Duration: 19m, 55s, Starring Chip Lawson, Diego Villalobos, Mark Urban

(218 Votes)

There were two dicks that this guy couldn't wait to have cum all over his face, as Mark, Chip and Diego were supplying the beef and buns in this tasty twink threesome sandwich! After they took off their clothes, they started by fucking each other's foreskins, connecting their cocks and jerking them both off at the same time until they were hard. After all of the guys got their dicks sucked, he moved in between them and took it willingly up his ass, bouncing his butt off of his torso to get it in even deeper. After both guys got to bang his asshole, they stuffed their cocks in his mouth and got sucked off until they both came for him.

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