2 Big Dicks Fill Guy's Mouth With Cum

Duration: 20m, 16s, Starring Darnel Daine, Derek Jones, Martin Depp

(201 Votes)

Derek Jones, Martin Depp, and Darnel Daine are three dudes that love to treat their cocks. All three of these young hung studs are packing fat hard dicks in need of some sucking and fucking. You can tell these guys have been building up a thirst for dick by the way the pump each others mouths with their stiff rods. Someone has at least a cock in the ass and one in the mouth throughout this wood inducing fuck-fest. When all of the asses have been fucked long and hard it's time to fill up a mouth full of hot cum. I don't know how this cum-dumpster held these big loads in.

Horny Gay Amateurs Taking on 3some

Duration: 18m, 6s, Starring Brian Dawn, Martin Depp, Steven Baize

(110 Votes)

Martin Depp, Brian Dawn, and Steven Baize are the type of dudes that you would run into on any college campus - but you would never know they were going back to their room and having a wild gay threesome unless they told you. They are pounding perfect for it though - their asses are firm little browneyes that are waiting to be gaped, their dickheads are nice and thick, and their energy keeps them going through the whole night. You might not get much rest, but your ass would be pleased after a threesome treatment from these twinks.

Three Guys Have A Hardcore Date

Duration: 17m, 51s, Starring Matt Droche, Steven Baize, Tani Chan

(140 Votes)

Steven Bazie couldn't decide if he wanted to go out with Tani Chan or Matt Droche so he invited them both over. All three guys hit the couch and started to rub on each other, kissing and stroking each others dicks. Steven sucked both the other guy's cocks then let Matt lay him down and fuck him while he continued to blow Tani. Matt got his fill of Steven's ass so Steven moved over and sat down on Tani's cock. He rode that hog while sucking Steven's dick then let both guys blast their hot loads of sticky man gravy all over his chest. Now that is a double date.

Three Guys Engage In A Gay Orgy With Each Other

Duration: 19m, 14s, Starring Chris Bissmal, Martin Depp, Mike Droules

(88 Votes)

When these three studs were at dinner earlier this evening, the brunette of the three made a tragic mistake - he revealed his preference for being treated like a dirty and submissive fuck slut! When they get home, the two other men immediately pounce on him, eager to have a taste of this young man's asshole. He puts up feeble resistance, but he is secretly thrilled by the dominating reaction of these two rough alpha males. Once everyone is naked, the two real men of the bunch kneel on either side of him on the couch, waving their big dicks in his face as he desperately tries to catch them in his mouth. Both studs take him anally.

Two Guys Tag Team Another Guy

Duration: 18m, 13s, Starring Brian Dawn, Chris Bissmal, Mike Droules

(89 Votes)

Brian Dawn and Mike Droules teamed up on Chris Bismall and rocked his world. All three got naked then one of them kissed Chris while the other gave him head. Brian gave up some ass and let Chris fuck him, but only for a minute then Mike bent Chris over and drilled him right in the ass. He plowed that butt doggy style while Chris sucked Brian's cock. Brian got the blowjob of his life then they flipped Chris over on his back so Mike could fuck him deeper while Brian got his balls licked. Both guys ended up standing over Chris as he used his mouth and hands to make them cum.

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