Horny Painters Indulge In Hot Messy Anal

Duration: 19m, 23s, Starring Gabriel, Junior

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These two young interior decorators are supposed to be painting a client's apartment. They kiss each other softly on the lips and then it's time for some deep oral action. It's so horny watching these two hot body young studs rubbing their meat together, their cocks just growing bigger and bigger by the second! There's nothing sexier than feeling the soft skin of another man's balls on your shaft! Laying out one of the drop sheets so that they don't make a mess on their client's floor, the guys indulge in some sloppy and nasty anal sex, their ass juices soaking into the dark material. Both guys are packing a massive load in their balls!

Two Workers Have Bareback Backroom Fuck

Duration: 32m, 54s, Starring Junior

(227 Votes)

The anal goes both ways in this seedy back room fuck. There is furniture strewn everywhere in this makeshift warehouse, but these two workers ignore their job of cleaning up the mess - they would rather make a mess of each others' mouths and assholes! Knowing that they have a bit of time before their coworkers get back, these guys can have a long and luxurious fuck, sucking each other off bareback and then doing each other in the ass. At first they use condoms for the sex, but then they decide to go bareback for the greatest anal pleasure. The guys - who are virtual strangers - even suck each other off and swallow each others' jizz.

Married Businessman Fucked In The Ass

Duration: 19m, 56s, Starring

(122 Votes)

This older married businessman is away on business and staying in a cheap hotel. Over dinner he makes eyes with another young stud in the hotel restaurant, who follows him back to his room after the meal. Wordlessly the married man invites the stud in to his bedroom, stripping off and showing the young buck his meat. The married man's eyes widen as the young homosexual shows off his own cock - he's never seen such a juicy uncut dick! Most of the video is taken up with oral sex, with the guys rolling around in a 69, fucking each others' mouths. The tight ass businessman takes some brief anal before he swallows his new friend's semen.

Public Three-Way Anal Fuck In Restaurant

Duration: 13m, 8s, Starring

(314 Votes)

Two extremely handsome young studs are having a romantic dinner date; as they sit at the counter in the restaurant, their lips come together in a passionate kiss, heedless of the other diners. Things don't stop there - the gorgeous waiter spontaneously leans forward, pressing his mouth into the action and kicking off an intense public three-way fuck! The guys strip on top of the counter, with more kissing and sucking before they take turns drilling each other in the ass. The waiter especially is a horny anal slut, wanting to be pumped hard by both of the other men; they are only too happy to comply, fucking him until he can barely stand!

Four Cocks Mean A Four-Man Fuck Train

Duration: 23m, 49s, Starring Azat, Darnel, Gabriel, Junior

(209 Votes)

With four big cocks in this hot European gays orgy movie, there are all kinds of exciting positions to be tried! At first we see one dude masturbating by himself on the sofa; he closes his eyes and fantasizes about an intense foursome with three of his best friends. In his fantasy, the four guys are all on top of the bed, taking turns sucking each others' cocks. Although the fourway oral sex is exciting, the anal is definitely the best part of this video, with the guys all lining up and making a literal train as they drill each others' sphincters. The guy on the end gets a considerate reach around as he gets pumped in his tender anus.

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