Hot Gay Ass Fuck In Alleyway

Duration: 13m, 21s, Starring Paul Morgan, Tim Boyd

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It's the early hours of a Saturday morning and two good-looking blond gay guys prance out of the club. They are really hot to fuck - desperate to cum! They walk in to a filthy alley down the side of the club, kissing each other and sucking each others' dicks one by one. These guys are excellent with their mouths and their horniness adds to their lack of inhibition. However, they don't cum in each others' mouths, with one guy dominantly pushing his buddy over at the waist until his ass is exposed for fucking. He gives him a hardcore butt slamming and cums in his ass, walking away abruptly and leaving him in the alley alone.

Cell Mates Ass Fuck After Lights Out

Duration: 20m, 9s, Starring Tanner Reeves, Jay Huntington

(7 Votes)

Most guys are terrified at the thought of going to prison. However, it's not so bad - you might even meet a guy that you like inside! That's what happens in this gay anal clip, as two guys are locked in the same cell after lights out. With nothing else to do to entertain themselves for the evening, the guys are soon naked and sucking each others' dicks! One of the men, who is far more muscular and a veteran criminal, bends his less experienced felon buddy over and buggers him severely. He spunks on the guy's ass but then doesn't finish him off, leaving him to jerk himself off alone in the corner. That is just the prison way!

Horny Cop Ass Rams Innocent Civilian

Duration: 20m, 12s, Starring Paul Morgan, Drew Andrews

(17 Votes)

This policeman knows just how to handle a distraught civilian. This guy has obviously got some problems that need relieving, and this public servant is quite happy to help him get off! The civilian playfully pulls the policeman's trousers down and bends him over his desk, spanking him. Then he really gets down to business, blowing the policeman and then lying back on the desk, begging for anal. The civilian jerks himself off while the tattooed policeman pounds his butt vigorously, filling him full of dick. The civilian masturbates all over himself, drenching himself with his own juices, and the cum is soon joined by that of the policeman.

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