Sexy Young Guy Ass Fucked By Crooked Cop

Duration: 15m, 16s, Starring Tommy Cruise, Matt Wilder

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This dirtycop is falling down the rabbit hole of corruption! He happens to be walking his beat when he spies a good-looking guy sunbathing naked in his backyard. Although no one else could see the naked man, the policeman decides to seduce of the situation! He bursts in on the surprised man, accusing him of public lewdness and threatening him with jail. The poor homeowner knows he can only do one thing, submissively sucking on the policeman's penis when he is presented with it. That's not enough for this crooked cop, and he demands anal sex from the flabberghasted young guy. He sure gets a painful fucking!

Deviant Cop Moans Loudly While Buggered

Duration: 20m, 27s, Starring Paul Morgan, Casey Morgan

(19 Votes)

It's official - all policemen are closet homosexuals! The set looks kind of like a crime scene, with black plastic sheeting hung in the background and on the floor to catch every stray drop of sweat or semen. These guys won't even leave a pube behind to reveal their forbidden homosexual lust! A good looking blond cop kneels over a short haired guy who is sucking his dick. Later we see the cocksucker get down on the ground, holding his nuts out of the way as he spreads his legs, desperate for a good ass fucking. The submissive guy jerks his own dribbling prick while he gets buggered roughly, moaning and groaning loudly.

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