Two Gay Black Men Enjoy Each Others Cock

Duration: 16m, 42s, Starring Koby Bird, Oscar

(206 Votes)

Two black men with big black dicks are fucking on a bed. The thick muscular one has the skinny one bent over like a dog and is pounding his chocolate ass hard, fast and deep. He grips the pillow and buries his face as he screams out in delight. Laying side by side on the bed the skinny on licks his own juices off of the big black member, lube it up more so that it slides easily back into his ass. Pushing his knees into his face he thrusts with all his might bringing himself closer to the peak of orgasm. They each finish themselves off by pulling their pud until they blow their loads.

Two Ebony Studs Get Off on Each Other

Duration: 20m, 20s, Starring John Chesswood, Ricky Parker

(77 Votes)

The camera catches two black gay men in an intimate moment. One guy is on all fours with the other one behind him pounding his hard cock into his tight ass. His hips thrust against the other guys ass cheeks smacking him with the motion. After taking it in the ass, he flips the other guy around so that he can lick his own ass juice off his long schlong. He grips the base of his cock with one hand jerking off his shaft as he polishes his knob with his warm wet mouth. Sitting side by side both guys pull their pud causing an eruption of white spunk.

Two Hung Black Dudes In Gym Get In On

Duration: 21m, 52s, Starring John Chesswood, Oscar

(155 Votes)

Working out at the gym provides lots of eye candy for gay men. Men in short shorts and wife beater tanks or topless with their pecs hanging out. A dark ebony man is sitting on a bench working out his biceps, he gets all hot and bothered when a caramel skinned sexy man walks by looking at a skin magazine. Letting the light skinned gay man sit naked on his bench, the ebony stud gets in his knees, grips his cock in his hand and wraps his lips around the head of the other guys dick. With long lean muscles rippling the caramel toned hottie bends the ebony man over on the bench and mounts him from behind until they both cum.

Ricky Parker Face Down Taking Soloman

Duration: 18m, 11s, Starring Ricky Parker, Soloman

(139 Votes)

Ricky Parker is one of the hottest guys in gay black porn, and he doesn't mind being a top or a bottom. Today he's on the bottom, and he's taking Soloman's dick without any foreplay at all. The scene starts, and boom - you're looking at that cock all the way up his ass, making him moan and push back as hard as he fucking can. This ebony combination is sure to delight every black on black porn lover, and you can just hear the balls slapping as they start to go harder and harder, pushing each other to the limit.

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