Promiscuous Gays Fuck In Open Hotel Pool

Duration: 24m, 11s, Starring Ricky Parker

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These horny black studs are on holiday in Miami, relaxing in the sunny hotel pool. They catch each other's eyes, swimming over to one another and getting friendly in the water. Making sure that there are no hotel staff around to tell them off, the guys start to really get intimate, reaching into each others' shorts and feeling each others' hard pricks. The darker skinned guy is clearly submissive, sucking the other guy's prick and then bending over poolside to get reamed in the ass. The air of the hotel pool is filled with the groans of gay pleasure as the guys take their sexual satisfaction from one another, finally spurting everywhere.

Big Dick Black Gays Have Hard Anal Sex

Duration: 20m, 19s, Starring John Chesswood, Little Blundt

(160 Votes)

Two horny black gay studs hook up at the bar one night and go home for a hot and sweaty anonymous fuck session. One guy, with a slightly heavier build and a shaven head, is clearly the submissive one, sucking his tall and thin companion's cock and then bending over to receive a hardcore anal pounding. His friend's got a big dick, and the bald guy squeals as his tight black butt gets stretched out by his friend's prodigious penis. His buddy really gets into it, holding his partner's hips firmly and slamming his cock right up that sphincter until it is squelches up into his guts. He cums in the ass hole and the bald guy jerks himself off.

These Studs Don't Need A Woman To Satisy Their Needs

Duration: 16m, 42s, Starring Koby Bird

(154 Votes)

This young hustler has been adopted by an older pimp on the street, taking him under his wing and teaching him the ways of the big bad world. Of course, what the young guy doesn't realise is that nothing is for free - everyone has to pay somehow! He finds out the hard way when he finds himself alone in the bedroom with his mentor one night. Before he knows it, he is naked with the older man in bed next to him. While he screams in protest, he finds himself being willingly bent over and fucked in his virgin ass hole. His butt is sore, raw by the end of this hard anal sex session.

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