Horny Ebony Hunks in Gay Office Sex

Duration: 21m, 4s, Starring Platinum, Shy

(140 Votes)

You've never seen an interview quite as hot as this. Platinum sits at the table, looking over his application, as Shy comes right across and sits down on the table in front of him. Platinum can't resist the other black man, coming up behind him and pressing his body close. They start off rubbing and caressing each other, but then they start on the dicks. Both of their dicks are nice and big, ready to be sucked, fucked ,and anything else that they had on their minds. It's a wonder that no one found them getting nasty with each other.

Sexy Ebony Gay Guys on the Bed

Duration: 27m, 50s, Starring Pleasure, Ty Rome

(155 Votes)

Pleasure is an aptly named gay thug who loves to show off his sexy chocolate muscles. His boyfriend, Ty Rome, can't resist the taller man's good looks and big cock. He succumbs to the seduction quickly, joining him in an embrace that makes him shudder with excitement. Once they start kissing, both of their cocks start to get harder and harder by the second. By the time that they finish with the cuddling, it's time to start sucking on that big black dick. They don't stop at that, though - they go all the way.

Sexy Black Thugs in Gay Office Sex

Duration: 25m, 33s, Starring Ricco Black, Ty Rome

(94 Votes)

Ricco Black and Ty Rome are back in the office, and after a quick interview they find that they cannot deny the spark of sexuality between them. Ty makes his way up from the chair and over to Ricco's side, leaning in and letting him stroke up and down his chest. This office sex scene is about to take a delicious turn, as Ricco moves on up and starts undoing Ty's pants. Once he sees that big black dick, he can't resist. His mouth goes right over it, and he bobs up and down on that cock until they are ready for the real action.

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