Horny Young Athletes Gobble Rock Hard Dick In The Shower

Duration: 26m, 48s, Starring Charlie Mitchell, Gunther Wallace

(241 Votes)

After a long, hot and sweaty workout at the MMA gym, horny young athletes Gunther and Charlie head to the showers. At first they stand next to each other, soaping up their bodies and relaxing - but then they notice that they are both growing hard as they stare at each others' toned bodies! Shaven headed Gunther beckons to Charlie, who gets on to his knees and starts sucking his long and thin dick. The oral goes both ways, with thuggish looking Gunther getting down on his knees for some blow job action as well. Charlie even spins around, offering up his ass hole to the stud, who gives a rim job - but they don't have time for anal!

Horny Cocksucker Takes Two Dicks In His Ass After Practice

Duration: 37m, 43s, Starring Ambrose Small, Bruno Romp, Charlie Mitchell

(436 Votes)

There's nothing like a bit of wrestling to sort out the men from the boys! After practice, camp young stud Ambrose stays back in the changing room, giving more dominant stud Bruno a hot and sloppy blow job. Just as Bruno is about to spurt in Ambrose's mouth, in walks Charlie, demanding a piece of the action! Submissive Ambrose licks his lips, taking both pricks in his mouth at the same time while he jerks the bases of the knobs. Then he gets down on all fours, and the guys wrestle him again - except this time, they've got their cocks in his ass! This young twink gets his butthole torn apart by these two superbly conditioned athletes.

Young Wrestling Dudes Find Themselves In A Horny Oral 69

Duration: 24m, 20s, Starring Kyle Markley, Pauly Boar

(228 Votes)

If you're like most guys, you will have noticed that the MMA scene is as homoerotic as it gets! In this movie, Kyle and Pauly start off with some grappling. They're clad only in their underpants, their well muscled bodies slapping together as they wrestle. Their dicks get more and more erect, and of course they just happen to tear off each other's underpants during the fight! Once the guys are completely naked things get even rougher, with the guys finally finding themselves on top of each other in a hot 69 position - from there, it's only natural that their cocks slide in to each others' mouths. This proceeds to some intense cowboy anal.

New Guy At The Gym Gets Gangbanged In His Mouth And Ass

Duration: 33m, 51s, Starring Ambrose Small, Charlie Mitchell, Danny Fortune

(277 Votes)

There's a new guy at the wrestling gym, so to celebrate, the rest of the boys decide to team up and ream him in the ass! At first he looks shy, but these horny fighting studs aren't going to take no for an answer, ripping off the poor young man's clothes and pushing him roughly to his knees. He soon relaxes as his mouth and both hands get filled with hard dicks - he doesn't know who is doing what to him, because it's all just a blur of big cocks! Then the guys push the young stud flat on his face, taking turns mounting him and pumping his ass dry and raw. He ends up lying in a heap on the ground, covered in the loads of the four men!

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