Cute Young Ebony Gets Ass Full Of Jizz

Duration: 6m, 4s, Starring Jones A, Trevor M

(436 Votes)

Even though everyone in this scene is of legal age, it just looks fucking dirty! If you have fantasies about watching a well hung black stud dominating a much younger ebony lad orally and anally, get inside this clip now! This tender ebony coed sucks on the massive cock gingerly, and it's obvious that he hasn't done this much before. He looks nervous as he pulls down his pants, bending over for what appears to be his first anal penetration. He squeals and buries his face pitifully in the blankets as his butthole gets plundered by the older stud, who just won't take no for an answer! The younger man ends up with an ass hole full of semen.

Solo Wanker Lubes Up His Cock Properly

Duration: 14m, 10s, Starring Marco P

(70 Votes)

It's always interesting watching another guy jacking off, seeing what techniques he likes to use in his own personal masturbation sessions. Sometimes you can pick up a trick that you have never thought of before, something that might add to your own masturbatory pleasure. In this hot solo scene, an older ebony stud jerks himself off on the bed. It almost looks like this might be hidden camera footage, as he looks around furtively, peering around the edge of the door to make sure that no one is coming to catch him in the act. He pumps himself good, frequently lubing up again with vaseline, finally spunking on his hand.

Black Studs Watch Each Other Masturbate

Duration: 9m, 6s, Starring Brian L, Derek T

(154 Votes)

This well hung black stud is lying on his bed and masturbating one night. He has got a long, thick and muscular prick, which pulses like a python as he strokes it. Just as he is about to cum, his equally well hung ebony room mate walks into the room, joining him on the bed. The guys lie back, joking and stroking themselves. Then they get more intent about their business, enjoying watching each other as they jack off. You'll love watching them too! One guy really is in a frenzy, pumping himself like crazy and screwing up his face as the warm jism finally gushes out of his member in a seemingly unending stream of cream.

Wild Gay Black Groupsex Fivesome

Duration: 22m, 9s, Starring Brian L, Darron L, Paul W, Sean P, Trevor M

(377 Votes)

What do you get when you put five of the hottest black gay guys together? You have a sexy party, of course. Trevor M, Brian L, Darron L, Paul W, and Sean P are all ready and raring to go with each other, and you can just see how hot and hardcore things get. There are so many big dicks swinging around that I'm almost afraid that someone is going to get their eye put out. That doesn't happen, although plenty of dick does end up in the back of these guys throats - that's the way I love to watch it.

Well Built Black Gay Gets Fucked

Duration: 10m, 31s, Starring Darron L, Sean P

(131 Votes)

Darron L starts off by himself, working his dick up and down nice and slow. He's soft at first but keeps on going until its nice and hard. Then he's joined by Sean P, who can't sit there and just watch. Hell no, he needs to touch and play with that sweet cock. He starts to work at it with his hands, but it isn't long before his hands are exploring every last bit of his body. He just loves working at that body, and he especially loves opening his mouth up nice and wide and slurping that dick all the way down to the back of his throat.

Huge Cock Black Stud Jacks Himself Off

Duration: 13m, 26s, Starring Brian L

(171 Votes)

If you're the kind of guy who likes black cock, you'll be transfixed by this solo masturbation scene. It's pretty much a fixed camera affair, zooming in and out on the rippling and muscular body of this black stud. He is extremely good-looking and his body is to die for. He has also got one of the largest cocks that you will ever see in your life, just the kind of thing that you want to wrap your lips around on a lonely Saturday night. He looks intently into the camera as he jerks himself, pausing several times right before he cums to prolong the pleasure. He ends up with a messy and creamy jizz explosion all over his hands.

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