Gay Guys Love To Give Head and Fuck

Duration: 18m, 37s, Starring Ben Obren, Peter Rhodes

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Peter is working hard at his desk when it is time for a break, Ben comes in and pulls him up out of his chair and they begin kissing and stripping of their clothes. Ben goes down on Peter, licking and sucking on his dick while he cups his balls in his hand. His head bobs up and down as he deep throats his entire shaft, using his hand to stretch the skin tight to the base of his shaft.. Once his cock is nice and lubricated Peter bends Ben over and slips his cock into his ass, pounding him up against the desk. He blows his load on the desk and Ben licks it off.

Two Gay Guys Give Each Other Head

Duration: 20m, 22s, Starring Ollie O. Free, Sam Garcha

(135 Votes)

Two guys are kissing and fondling each other, Sam pulls Ollie's dick out of his pants and wraps his lips around it, swallowing the whole shaft. Once they are both naked they get into a sixty nine position so the can each have a taste of the others ass, getting it nice and slippery. They grab each others balls and lick each others dick, moan and groaning in delight. Sam straddles Ollie's dick and inserts it into his asshole, bouncing up and down riding him. Ollie fucks Sam hard a fast bringing himself to orgasm on the table.

Alex Licks Up Claudes Huge Load

Duration: 20m, 43s, Starring Alex Bresh, Claude Evans

(116 Votes)

A blond and a brunette guy are making out on the couch. The brunette releases the blonds cock form the confines of his jeans and begins to give him head. The blond returns the favor by getting on his knees and sucking on the brunettes dick and balls. They take turns giving each other a blow job and licking each others asshole until the blond pushes back the brunettes legs, exposing his tight ass for him. He penetrates his ass with his boner, while the brunette plays with his own shlong. Then the blond blows his load int eh glass table and the burnette cleans it off with his tongue.

Horny Stud Fucks His Buddy's Asshole

Duration: 18m, 51s, Starring Armando Storm, Hansel Hutchinson

(80 Votes)

It was cock pleasing time for Armando and Hansel, as they were locking lips and unbuttoning each other's pants to get at their already-swelling dicks. As soon as they were naked together, he was wrapping his lips around his buddy's cock and licking it up and down, drooling all over it and having it get as hard as possible in his mouth. He then laid back and threw his legs in the air, spreading his asshole wide open so he had easy access to shove every inch of his big pecker inside of his tight asshole. He jerked his own cock off as his slid in and out of his butt, and he licked his sperm off of the glass coffee table after making him cum.

Horny Collared Guy Sucks And Fucks

Duration: 19m, 40s, Starring Dustin Black, Ogi Bond

(120 Votes)

Ogi and Dustin couldn't wait to kick off a fun night together, because even though they were dressed from head to toe, they were quickly whipping their clothes off to get at each other's stiff pricks. When he dropped to his knees, he removed his cock from his underwear and filled his hungry mouth with it, lovingly licking his stiffy up and down and mouth fucking it while he held on to the collar affixed around his neck. He continued submitting to him, as he bent over and took his whole cock inside of his ass, pushing back on it to get it all the way inside his butt. He was led to a table so he could lick all the sperm from it in the end.

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