Hunky Gay Guys Fuck on Stairwell

Duration: 19m, 4s, Starring Marcus Day, Rob Kirk

(149 Votes)

Rob Kirk and Marcus Day enjoy themselves on the stairwell in this hot hunky gay porno. It certainly is one of the more unusual places to get your rocks off at, but the way that Marcus slides his dick smoothly down Rob's throat speaks to how great the positioning is, if nothing else. After Rob gives him a good hard fuck, he ends up pulling out his dick and then cumming all over Marcus's back. After that, he ends up licking it off nice and slow, loving the way that it tastes with the sweet and the salt.

Gay Hunks Love Licking Up Cum

Duration: 20m, 36s, Starring Michael Vista, Mike Vespa

(217 Votes)

Michael Vista and Mike Vespa are both hunky gay guys that just ooze manliness - there's nothing quite like seeing these sexy and sweet guys going at it. They especially love showing off the way their dicks are ready and raring to go, exploding all over the place when they're ready to cum. That's getting a bit ahead of ourselves, though - they meet in a parking garage to do their dirty deed, hidden from everyone's eyes - and loving how secret they are. They end up licking up the splatters of cum at the end.

Horny Gay Bikers in Leather Fucking

Duration: 19m, 45s, Starring Hank Hightower, Josh Evers

(195 Votes)

The allure of the gay leather men is hard to explain, and also hard to resist. These hard bodied bad boys ride around on their bikes and really drive you crazy with the way that they act. They have bad attitudes and big dicks, and that's all you really need to know to fall in love with them. Hank Hightower and Josh Evers are the gorgeous biker hunks today, and they don't even get off of the bike before they start fucking. Now that's damn good dedication to their rides and each other - I don't think they would fuck just anyone on them.

Two Hot Studs Fuck In A Hot Tub

Duration: 19m, 20s, Starring Blade Thompson, Mason Flynt, Steve Pierce

(327 Votes)

Blade Thompson was jerking off as he watched Mason Flynt and Steve Pierce getting wild in a hot tub. The guys were relaxing in a hot tub after workout. They were rubbing on each other and Steve showed off his hardon to Mason. Mason pulled that cock out and started to suck it, working his mouth on it until it was rock hard and throbbing. When he was ready to go Steve bent Mason over and slammed his cock into him from behind. He fucked him hard right there in the hot tub. These guys didn't care who saw them, they just wanted to nut so they fucked until they both came then went back to soaking and relaxing.

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