Young Guy Pounded In His Tight White Ass

Duration: 23m, 43s, Starring Dick James, Kent Larsen

(509 Votes)

All guys know that the older you get, the more limited your sexual opportunities - so when the chance comes up to pound some tight young ass, you've got to take it! Older, balding teacher Dick is in his office when he is approached by one of young college student Kent. Kent is one of the hottest studs on campus, but he secretly loves older men! He wordlessly hands his teacher a photo of a naked male; so Dick stands up, pushing Kent down onto a bench and pulling out his dick. The older stud sucks the younger man, showing him the benefit of years of oral experience; then he bends the young buck over and pounds him in his tight little ass!

Balding Guys Suck Each Others' Hard Rods

Duration: 19m, Starring Corbin Michaels, Jason Hawke

(320 Votes)

There's just something so goddamn sexy about guys who are just starting to lose their hair - it makes them look so manly! Muscle studs Jason and Corbin are both at that stage of aging, looking 100% masculine - especially when they pull out their big cocks and rub them together! At first the two fine strapping studs suck each other off, giving each other some hot oral; then Jason gets down on his hands and knees on the ground, submissively looking back over his shoulder and begging his taller and bulkier friend for some hard anal sex. Corbin slides straight in to his friend's ass, starting up a slow but steady anal pumping.

Pale Twink Has His Nasty Salad Tossed

Duration: 35m, 8s, Starring Brandon Long, Jonathan Gabriel, Trent Stone

(349 Votes)

This steamy gay porno is split into two separate segments. In the first part, a phenomenally good looking, model quality stud shows off his cock and his ass. This guy is delicious all over, from his gorgeous face down to his sexy little toes! The next segment is more hardcore, with a vicious looking ethnic stud dominating a long haired, pale skinned twink. The guys take turns sucking each other off, and then the twink bends over, leaning against a bench and sticking out his fine ass. The shaven headed stud, seizing his opportunity, tosses the twink's salad and then slides his big dick into the twink's freshly lubricated butthole.

Cock Hungry Carlos Morales Loves Dick

Duration: 34m, 22s, Starring Arpad Miklos, Carlos Morales

(1314 Votes)

Carlos Morales has been cruising for cock for quite some time, and he's getting exactly what he wants right now. He works himself hard as a rock before he starts choking down Arpad Miklos' dick, feeling it hit the back of his throat and still having plenty to go. He sucks it down regardless, making sure that he takes every last inch. He might not be choking on that dick but it's pretty damn close, and he's certainly making sure to take a few notes on how to properly suck and fuck a dong this big.

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