Naughty Gay Hotties Fucking in Kitchen

Duration: 23m, 17s, Starring Bud Fraser, Ion Rosse

(341 Votes)

Ion Rosse and Bud Fraser are the cutest amateur gay guys that you're ever going to see, and they just love to get naughty with each other. They start out just sitting and talking at their kitchen table, but it doesn't take too long before they are groping at each other. First the clothes come off, then they start gently caressing each other. Once they're completely stripped the fondling of the cocks starts, with lots of grabbing at these great uncut dicks. Then they finish things off with a hard fuck.

Gorgeous Jocks Enjoying a Lusty Cocksuck

Duration: 25m, 56s, Starring Jack Black, Joe Kean

(239 Votes)

Joe Kean looks like he's just walked out of the gym. He is so fucking gorgeous with sexy muscles, six pack abs, and more than enough definition on his arms to make you want to cuddle up and get squeezed tight by him. He meets Jack Black for a romantic time, lighting a candle to make it even more romantic. They don't get down to things right away - there's a fair amount of kissing, cuddling, and other cute and sexy gestures that will make you want to just melt. However there's a hard side to them as well, and they show that off well.

Gay Men Warm Up On A Cold Winter Night

Duration: 22m, 57s, Starring David Knap, Marko Velny

(174 Votes)

Pals Marko Velny and David Knap horse around in the backyard, enjoying a snowball fight on a Winter's night. They head into the house to get warm, and they decide to heat things up the fun way. They kiss passionately as they help each other undress, and Marko slides down David's body to suck his hard cock. David returns the favor and blows Marko, and Marko rides David reverse anal cowboy. Marko takes it up his ass doggy style, and David blows his load all over Marko's ass and back before Marko gives David a facial.

This Cocksucker Wants Dick For Breakfast

Duration: 27m, 57s, Starring Brian Matthews, Ion Rosse

(132 Votes)

Athletic stud Ion is sitting on the couch, reading the newspaper when his boyfriend Brian walks into the room. Brian, a submissive long haired cocksucker, has been busy cooking Ion's breakfast in the kitchen. He feeds Ion a mouthful of toast, but then when Ion asks Brian what he is going to have for breakfast, Brian just gives him a sly smile! Brian leans over and unzips Ion's pants, getting out his long, thick cock and sucking it right down to the balls! The oral sex goes both ways, and then Brian takes a hardcore ass fucking from behind. He spunks in Brian's ass while Brian masturbates himself to orgasm, ejaculating on his own leg.

Bartender Fucks His Customer Over Stool

Duration: 22m, 39s, Starring Brady Chauvin, Sonny Silver

(116 Votes)

This bar tending bad boy knows all the tricks to get into a man's pants. A good looking stud walks into the bar so he plys him with drinks, finally walking around to the other side of the counter and sitting on the stool next to him. He catches the guy casting nervous glances in his direction, an electric thrill shooting through him every time their knees touch. As he helps the man with his jacket, the bartender pushes him down onto the stool and roughly spanks his tight ass! Soon the bartender has his customer sucking his dick and then he lays him out on his back, looking directly into his eyes as he slides his cock into his butt!

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