Gay Euro Twinks Filling Their Mouths

Duration: 26m, 52s, Starring Peter Danka, Yuri Barone

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Peter Danka and Yuri Barone are two gay pornstars that you should get to know and love, because they are fucking gorgeous. After a lengthy intro, we finally get to this pair of Euro twinks. Their bodies are nice and smooth, and their dicks are as long as you could possibly imagine. They are very deliberate in their love making, going nice and slow to enjoy the sheer pleasure of the fuck fest. However once they get overwhelmed by the passion you would not begin to believe the pace that they were ass pounding at.

Denim Wearing Hunks in Gay Fuck Fest

Duration: 15m, 39s, Starring Simone Ungaretti, Tony Aster

(396 Votes)

Tony Aster and Simone Ungaretti are fucking incredible - they come out with their asses in hot jeans, and if you don't know what kind of effect a nice tight pair of jeans can have on a great ass, you are missing out. They go nice and slow, stripping each other down. They start off by kissing and running their hands up and down along their bodies, and once they get down to their boxers they have a giant boner waiting for each other. They go cock to cock before finally slipping a dick deep inside of his ass.

Horny Gay Guys Suck And Fuck Each Other

Duration: 22m, 4s, Starring Andrea Piombi, Andrea Vincenzi

(740 Votes)

It looked like they were shy about their fondness for one another while they were kissing, but once they got into a passionate groove, the action between these two heated up to a boiling point. They took off each other's pants, massaging and licking one another's assholes before whipping out and beating off their dicks. Their lips slid up and down the swollen members, covering them with a layer of shiny drool, making them easy to fit inside a tight butt. They fucked one another strongly, pushing in and pulling out their dicks from their anal cavities before he pulled out and stroked himself until his partner's chest was covered in jizz.

Horny Boys' Raunchy Gay Fucking

Duration: 17m, 1s, Starring Alex Binino, Mirco Xella

(135 Votes)

As passionate as these two studs are for each other, they're also quite hard in between their legs. That's why it goes beyond kissing for Alex and Mirco, especially when they start taking each other's pants off to unfurl those longs dicks they have for one another. They each take turns sucking on one another's peckers, as well as sample their assholes with their tongues. Pretty soon, Mirco is balls deep in Alex's ass, slamming him as hard as he can until you can only see his balls. Alex begs for it harder, and Mirco obliges. After all of that hot fucking, Alex sits down and strokes himself while Mirco cums all over his stomach.

Gorgeous Euro Gays Sucking Dick

Duration: 24m, 43s, Starring Marco Maserati, Marco Weber

(303 Votes)

Marco Weber and Marco Maserati might be a bit confused when they are yelling each other's names, but there is nothing confusing about the way they fuck around with each other. They start off with a ton of kissing - this is more kissing than 90% of pornos ever have. Before long their cocks are so hard they might as well be diamond, and after that they start with the dick sucking. This takes up most of their time, but then it's a Marco on Marco fuck fest that leaves the pair of them completely and utterly breathless.

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