Young Painters Indulge In Severe Anal

Duration: 28m, 41s, Starring Lucas James, Andrew Peters, Rod Barry, Drew Stevens, Jeremy Alexander

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This clip just goes to show what happens when you don't supervise your workers! Two hot young tradesmen are supposed to be painting a room, which is strewn with paint brushes and ladders. Instead, they strip completely nude, except their socks and shoes, and engage in some sloppy mutual deepthroating! Once the cocks are at breaking point, dripping wet with each others' saliva, one of the guys leans over against the wall. He sticks his perfect bottom out, spreading his own butt cheeks and imploring his buddy to give it to him hard and rough. These uneducated tradesmen will do anything to get off! He gets an ass full of hot cum.

Naughty Gay Jocks Fucking All Over

Duration: 30m, 44s, Starring Brad Hanson, Lucas James, Doug Jeffries, Stefan Michael

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Brad Hanson, Lucas James, Doug Jeffries, and Stefan Michael make up this gay cast of hotties that star in this porno. Things start off with a cute jock couple playing with each other, rubbing their hands up and down each others body. However you also get to see one of the most intense threesomes in the world, with cock flying everywhere. You won't know where to look when this starts to get underway, since there's so much gay fuck fest action going on here. You'll get your fill of hot cock, that's for sure.

Young Guys Have A Sly Office Anal Fuck

Duration: 12m, 33s, Starring Lucas James, Andrew Peters, Ricky Price

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These office guys are supposed to be working, but instead they decide to spend an afternoon having a hot anal fuck. One of the guys launches himself at his buddy, who is sitting on a chair, and they rub their masculine chests together as they kiss. Stripping off, heedless of their coworkers in the next room, they suck each others' dicks. Then one of the young guys bends over on the chair, sticking out his ass to get fucked. Needing no further encouragement, his co-worker fingers and licks his butthole, soon sliding his impossibly large cock right inside. It's an extremely tight sphincter and he has to push slowly at first.

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