Gorgeous Ricardo Greases Up His Hot Body

Duration: 26m, 52s, Starring Ricardo Rockhead

(1121 Votes)

There are a lot of sexy amateur guys on the Internet, but European stud Ricardo definitely takes the cake! Not only does he have a gorgeous face, but he has got a chiselled body that looks like a Greek statue. From his muscular shoulders, pumped up chest and rippling abs down to that sweet, long cock, he is the perfect package! In this video he strips on webcam for his horny viewers, posing and greasing up his body in an impromptu home studio setting. Covered in the slippery, gleaming oil, that muscular body looks insanely hot - and when Ricardo strokes his fat cock to a massive erection, your own dick will be ready to explode!

Alex Proudly Shows His Jizz Explosion

Duration: 15m, 37s, Starring Alex Hammer

(941 Votes)

Alex Hammer is a young and clean cut college dude. If you passed him in the hallway, you'd never suspect that he is packing an enormous dick in his pants - over 9 inches long! However, in this vid we get to see his shaft in all its glory as Alex masturbates in the privacy of his bedroom. It's just him and the cameraman, and the camera gets right in close as Alex strokes himself to an enormous erection. That dick just couldn't possibly get any harder! The cameraman reaches out to give Alex's prick a few jerks and also to cup the balls, and then Alex pumps himself off the rest of the way. He proudly shows off the hot jizz on his hand.

Tattooed Stud Jacks Himself Off On Cam

Duration: 19m, 15s, Starring Shane Strokes

(171 Votes)

Tattooed and muscular bad boy Shane Strokes comes into the office at the weekend to catch up on some work. However, with the sun shining outside it's difficult to concentrate, and Shane finds himself chatting to random guys on the net. It's a hot day and so he strips out of his singlet, showing off his chest on camera - and it doesn't take much more for him to be showing off his fat cock and balls! Repositioning the webcam, Shane lies on the plush leather sofa in his office, spreading his ass to show his sphincter and then pumping himself off. He is obviously in need of a good orgasm - because it's a fucking massive cumshot!

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