Young Stud Taken Anally For First Time

Duration: 21m, 23s, Starring Adam Blank

(1481 Votes)

Gentlemen, this is why you shouldn't leave your son with the hot pool boi! This tall and slender stud is raking leaves out of the swimming pool while the family son is paddling around in the water. The pool boi sees the son struggling, so he quickly slips onto the pool, gripping the young guy from behind and helping him to stay afloat. He carries the exhausted young stud to the bedroom, but he wants payment - from the young man's hot mouth and his virginal ass hole! The young stud is so grateful that he doesn't hesitate to give the pool boi a blow job, but he squeals delightfully as his ring piece gets opened up for the very first time.

Young Twink Pays For Mechanic With Anal

Duration: 17m, 36s, Starring Aaron Hawks, Tye South

(482 Votes)

Tye is a young camp twink who doesn't know the first thing about cars. He also doesn't have any money, so he's stressing out when his car breaks down - but luckily he's got a friend like shaven headed mechanic stud Aaron! Aaron doesn't want any cash to work on Tye's vehicle, but the young man still has to pay - with his mouth and his tight ass! An electric thrill runs through submissive Tye as Aaron pushes him up against the wall, brushing his lips against the other stud's as he rubs his cock. Soon young Tye is bent over the hood of his car as Aaron holds him down and gives him the rough anal slamming that he secretly craves!

Young Love Turns To Anal Sex In The Car

Duration: 16m, 43s, Starring Chet Walker, Rocky B

(378 Votes)

Good-looking young twinks Rocky and Chet meet each other at summer camp, and it's basically love at first sight. The guys shyly get to know each other as they throw an oversized ball around, finally abandoning their play and getting down to the serious business of passionate kissing. The guys are already playing with each others' cocks when they realize what they're doing, taking a shocked look around to make sure that no one is watching and disappearing into the back of the SUV, where they can have some shade and some privacy. After some mutual cocksucking in 69, young Chet lowers his anus down on Rocky's bulging, dribbling manhood.

Hot Body Stud Delivers Big Dick Slamming

Duration: 24m, 35s, Starring Cj Sioux, Rodger Rodriguez

(4788 Votes)

Don't you just love that sexy V on a really trim guy that leads down to his groin? Geeky stud CJ is out in the garden when fantastically hot bodied male Rodger comes down the steps towards him, stripping off his T-shirt so that he is only wearing his board shorts. CJ just can't keep his eyes off that bulge in Rodger's pants, immediately pulling down the other man's trousers and starting to suck. Rodger doesn't just have a hot body - he's got a phenomenal cock that is long, thick and perfectly formed! He lifts surprised CJ up on top of the cheap plastic table, spreading his tight ass cheeks and pumping him right in the rear end.

Blond Stud Craves An Ass Full Of Hot Cum

Duration: 25m, Starring Aaron Lancaster, Axel Johnson, Chaz Kramer

(3626 Votes)

These two young studs sure know how to relax! They sit out on the balcony in their underpants, enjoying the sunshine, and then they disappear in to the bedroom for some erotic privacy. Blonde stud Aaron gives his dominant man Chaz a hot blowing, swallowing his dick and licking all over his sensitive scrotum. Then Aaron adopts the doggystyle position, with Chaz kneeling behind him and tonguing his ring piece, even sticking his tongue right inside so that Aaron is well-prepared for deep anal. Sexy Aaron is so turned on by the sloppy rim job that he rides Chaz's cock extensively both front ways and back - he wants an ass full of warm cum!

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