Hung Shaven Headed Stud Ethan Jacks Off

Duration: 20m, 39s, Starring Ethan

(175 Votes)

With a toned body, sexy tattoos and a military style crewcut, Ethan is definitely going to make you drool! The sexy stud is already wearing only his underpants at the beginning of this clip, and they're soon on the floor in his eagerness to get out his dick. It's a fine schlong and it's obvious that he's not shy about showing it off! He shows his slightly hairy ass briefly, but this video is all about the dick pumping action as he stands right in front of the webcam and thrashes himself off good. He moans softly, closing his eyes and arching his back as he shoots messily all over the glass surface of his desk. It's a nice fat load!

Clean Cut Stud Anally Masturbates On Cam

Duration: 22m, 8s, Starring Clay

(152 Votes)

Clean cut white stud Clay has got a dirty secret - he likes to get naked on the Internet and shove things up his ass for thousands of anonymous viewers! It's broad daylight and the blinds are wide open as he strips off on his webcam, showing a toned, slender body with sexy tan lines over the groin. He's got a nice big dick, although his cock stroking action isn't the highlight of the video; he's also got a nice tight ass and he knows how to work it! First he pulls open his own buttocks for his viewers, then he takes out a large, cock shaped dildo, sucking on it to make it moist and then sliding the whole damn thing right up his rear end!

Hung Stud Pumps His Big Dark Cock On Cam

Duration: 14m, 6s, Starring Jerome

(121 Votes)

If you're a guy who loves big black dicks, shaven headed stud Jerome will definitely ring your bell! He is already topless as we first see him chatting on the Internet; soon, once he finds another horny dude to play with, he stands up and pulls down his shorts, revealing a nice thick brown cock. That's one meaty member, and it almost doubles in size as he starts to pump it; viewed from the top it looks especially good! He starts to jerk himself, squeezing his large black testicles as he does so, soon spunking off messily all over the palm of his own hand. He continues to stroke himself, covering his quivering shaft with his jizz.

Gorgeous Muscle Stud Pumps His Fat Cock

Duration: 20m, 37s, Starring Russell

(141 Votes)

Damn - now this guy is fucking hot! His name is Russell and he is most definitely a real man, not some weak little twink. He's got closely cropped hair, a sexy, slightly receding hairline and designer stubble - not to mention a perfect smattering of hair over his extremely muscular chest! This guy is ripped, with a pair of bulky arms that would be perfect for holding a guy down and fucking him in the ass. In this vid he masturbates on camera, getting out his extremely large and thick cock and stroking it for his viewers. It's certainly a cock that will make your mouth water - although it would be better splitting your tight ass!

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