Quick And Rough Gay Anal Fuck On Table

Duration: 18m, 45s, Starring Maciek, Raptor

(368 Votes)

These two big cocks studs have just started up a seedy sexual relationship, and now they are fucking each other every chance they get. Of course, their performance on the job has suffered - they can't keep their hands off each other, and so instead of working, they just start banging as soon as they are alone! Today they have a hot anal fuck on top of the table, laying out a tablecloth to sop up the nasty ass juices and cum. It's a hot, hurried fuck, because someone could walk in to the room at any moment - and all hell would break loose if they got caught with their cocks in each other's mouths, with a dick being shoved up someone's butt!

The New Guy Gets Blown In The Back Room

Duration: 37m, 37s, Starring Don Pedro, Tomek

(102 Votes)

There's a new young guy working in the warehouse, and everyone in the office is making bets as to how long it's going to take horny old fucker Don to seduce him! The answer is a single day, as cock starved Don basically jumps the young dude in the back room. At first the cute young stud tries to resist his advances, but Don just brazenly pulls the other man's prick out of his pants and starts to suck it. Being such a horny cocksucker, he's got fantastic technique - and he doesn't care if condoms are involved or not! He expertly slips the erect cock into his loose ass, drilling himself with his new fuck buddy's rock hard and slippery shaft.

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