Officers Shoot Some Stick While On Leave

Duration: 20m, 23s, Starring Dean Maxwell, Duncan Mills

(362 Votes)

Handsome officers Duncan Miles and Dean Maxwell shoot a little stick while on leave, and they decide they want to play with sticks and balls of a different kind. They're soon making out, and they help each other undress before Duncan squats down to suck Dean's hard cock. Dean then lays back so Duncan can give him a rim job, and Dan bends over the pool table to take it up the ass doggy style. Duncan settles between Dean's legs to ream his butt missionary, and both men finally jerk their hot loads all over Dean's stomach.

Paolo Joins Max In The Trenches

Duration: 17m, 7s, Starring Max Grand, Paolo Cortes

(464 Votes)

Man in uniform Max Grand is naked from the waist down squats on a hot pink butt plug. He bounces up and down on it masturbates as fellow soldier Paolo looks on and jerks himself off. Paolo joins him, and Max goes to work sucking his hard cock. Paolo bends Max over a bench to give him a rim job and finger his tight asshole, and Paolo fucks Max up the ass doggy style. Max sucks on the butt plug as he gets plugged, and Max strokes out his load while he gets fucked before Paolo shoots his own cum all over Max's ass.

Navy Seamen Get Naughty On Leave

Duration: 19m, 53s, Starring Dean Maxwell, Leo Masters, Rod Barry

(210 Votes)

Navy seamen Leo Masters and Dean Maxwell enjoy themselves while on leave, and Leo plays a little pinball before being approached by Dean. Leo tilts, and he and Dean are soon kissing each other passionately. Leo drops to his knees to suck Dean's hard cock, and dean returns the favor and blows Leo. Leo lays back and spreads his legs to take it up the ass missionary, and he strokes himself off as he gets his butt plugged. Leo blows his own load all over his own stomach, and dean shoots his own hot cum all over Leo's pelvis.

Army Officers Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Duration: 19m, 14s, Starring Chaz Carlton, Danny Brown, Gabriel Rocas

(499 Votes)

Army officers Danny Brown and Gabriel Rocas approach the stockade, where Chaz Carlton is being held prisoner. They unzip and stick their hard cocks through the glory holes in Chaz's cell, and he obeys their orders and goes to work sucking their dicks. Gabriel enters his cell and bends Chaz over to fuck him up the ass doggy style while Chaz continues to blow Danny. The officers take turns plugging Chaz's tight butt hole, and they all finally jerk themselves off and blow their hot loads all over each other.

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