Sexy Gay Studs Loving Some Rimjobs

Duration: 18m, 11s, Starring Eric La Croix, Julian LeCoq

(298 Votes)

Julian LeCoq and Eric La Croix are new neighbors, and they certainly hit it off well. Eric goes over to Julian's place for a coffee, but instead of coffee he ends up getting cock. They love tasting each other's dicks, exploring the taste of their long schlongs. The best part is when Julian is rimming Eric. You get a great close up of that rimjob, with his tongue probing and tracing over that sweet ass. He gets more and more intense, and they end up getting a great gay fuck fest going on, hard and fast.

Young Gays Have Hot Anonymous Anal Sex

Duration: 16m, 39s, Starring Bernard LaMarre, Kevin Richards

(312 Votes)

A young man is walking home one night when he is accosted on the street by another stud. The two men start up a conversation, discovering that they are both gay and single. You know what this means - hardcore anal action! They make a beeline for one man's apartment, and as soon as they open the door they begin kissing passionately, tearing off each others' clothes before they collapse in a sweaty heap on the couch. There is some hot mutual oral sex and then analingus, as one guy has his ass hole licked, fingered and fucked. At the end of the clip the two muscley young men jerk off together, enjoying watching each others' hot cum explosions.

Cute Young Guys Have Hot Anal Pleasure

Duration: 16m, 52s, Starring Benoit Houde, Lucas DeSolei

(307 Votes)

These two gorgeous young men are bored one afternoon so hook up for a hot session of fucking and sucking. The action begins in the kitchen as the guys strip off, admiring one another's bodies and then going down for some excellent cocksucking. Both of these guys are experienced dick slurpers and they really know how to work a pole. Then it's down to anal sex, as one guy gets bent over and has his ass hole licked before he gets fucked. He gets driven into a delirium of anal pleasure by his big dick buddy, who really pounds that ass and massages the prostate until the two guys jerk off together. Now that's some excellent gay sex!

Two Guys Meet And Start Fucking

Duration: 19m, 10s, Starring Hans Zimmerman, Michel Xavier

(202 Votes)

Hans Zimmerman met Michel Xavier on the street and and invited him back to his place. When he came back with the drinks Michel was already stripped down so Hans got naked and it was on. Hans stood up and had Michel suck his cock. He returned the favor and gave Michel some head then he put him face down on the bed and drove his meat spike right into Michel's tight ass. He hammered him deep and hard with long thrusts that rocked Michel's entire body. Hans took every inch of that ass that he wanted before finally pulling out and going cock to cock with Michel so they could cum together.

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