College Gays Have Clandestine Sex Affair

Duration: 21m, 12s, Starring Braeden, Tony Koll

(156 Votes)

Two scared and closet bound young college guys decide to hook up to experiment with their sexuality. They meet outside on a park bench and then quickly retreat back indoors, scared that someone will bust their clandestine affair. Back indoors they kiss passionately and then the more experienced homosexual leans back while he has his cock sucked. There is oral both ways and then uncharacteristically the more experienced dude offers up his ass hole for penetration. There is a look of intense concentration on the younger chap's face as he inserts his rock hard shaft into the other man's lubed up anus, probably for his first time.

Young Guy Loves Getting Fucked In Bushes

Duration: 21m, 45s, Starring Caleb Stone, Mitch Ray

(462 Votes)

It's every dirty old homosexuals fantasy! This middle-aged man is hanging around in the bushes when along walks a much younger college guy, looking fresh faced and innocent. He stops and talks to the older man, who quickly seduces him, getting the younger chap completely nude and sucking his dick. At first the college lad looks around nervously, scared that someone will walk along and bust them in the middle of a flagrant homosexual sex act. Soon he loses his inhibitions and blows the older man before he bends over, gripping onto a tree for dear life while he gets sodomised in the bushes. What's best is that he loves every second of it!

Shy Dude Cries During Painful Anal Sex

Duration: 20m, 1s, Starring Chris Aiken, Sebastian Cole

(1049 Votes)

In this extremely hot young gay anal clip, a seductive blond dude picks up an impressionable college student and takes him back to his crib for some anal. As soon as they are behind closed doors, these horny homosexuals can't wait to get into each others' pants, tearing off each other's clothes and sucking each others' dicks. The oral is enthusiastic and goes both ways, but when it comes to sodomy the blond guy really wants to be the one on top! His buddy looks like he is inexperienced in the ways of anal, screwing up his face and almost crying as he gets penetrated in his most tender hole. Soon his cries of pain turn to pleasure - he loves it!

Young Dude Bent Over Car Hood And Fucked

Duration: 20m, 35s, Starring Kevin Anderson, Mitch Ray, Rick Scotti, Tony Koll

(214 Votes)

In this hot scene, an older man seduces a younger chap and fucks him in the butt. This older fellow is experienced in seducing younger men, who all seem to love his bright red sports car. He lets them sit in the driver's seat and feel a taste of the power, and once their passions are inflamed they let go of all of their inhibitions. It all happens like clockwork: he gives them the chat up line and soon their lips will be wrapped around his dick and their saliva will dripping off his balls while they deepthroat. After the oral he bends the younger man over the bonnet of the car, holding him down while he enters his sphincter.

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