Naughty Cops Have Hard Anal In Bushes

Duration: 20m, 1s, Starring Brian Hanson, David Griffin

(753 Votes)

Two cops from different divisions have had a homosexual affair happening for ages. No one else in the department can know, or else they would be shunned as gays or queers. They have to resort to sordid meetings on their breaks, precious snatches of time in which they can express their feelings for one another. On this sunny day, they pull their cars in to a deserted bypass, hiding in the trees to smoke a cigar and relax. Soon they are sucking each others' cocks, and one guy is lying on his back, jerking his prick while his buddy fuck him up the butt. These horny cops don't stop their hardcore sodomy action until they have both cum.

Guys In Uniform Are Horny For Good Cock

Duration: 22m, Starring Anthony Gallo, Mike Anthony, Patrick Ives

(672 Votes)

The police chief is sitting on the couch in his office, talking on the phone to a complainant. Little does the citizen on the other end of the telephone line know, but this officer of the law is getting some hardcore oral sex from one of his subordinates! As the balding, muscular sheriff gets his cock sucked, he runs one hand through the hair of his grimacing employee. Once he gets off the phone, he gives his buddy a quick blow, paying special attention to his ass hole, spitting on it to make it wet. He groans as he slides his cock into the younger man's butthole, bending him over and opening up that sphincter good with his big dick.

Sexy Gay Guys Getting Naughty in Uniform

Duration: 16m, 20s, Starring Hank Hightower, Rob Jones

(294 Votes)

Hank Hightower and Rob Jones not only have rock hard, hairy bear bodies - they also have a thing for uniforms. Today the gay uniform porn play is shown off as police uniforms, and their hard cocks are just waiting to go at each other instantly. Once they get started up it's hard for them to stop, so on and on the cocks go. Just when you think it can't get any hotter, they end up bent over on the bed and wrapped up in a sexy embrace, grunting and moaning as they keep on cumming and cumming every second.

Burly Muscle Men Have Hot Oral And Anal

Duration: 26m, 20s, Starring John Nagel, Vince Siciliano

(166 Votes)

A couple of cops are relaxing by the pool, off duty. Everybody knows what a bunch of cocksuckers the police are, so it's no surprise to see these two burly studs gobbling down on each other at the first opportunity! They flip a coin to see who gets to go first, one guy standing up while the other guy begins to suckle his cock and balls. The guy who's doing the blowing also masturbates, clutching his tiny penis in one hand while he blows his buddy. Of course, these cops also love to get fucked in the ass, and they take turns pounding each others' buttholes until they are raw and bleeding. One guy sucks his buddy off into his mouth.

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