Horny DILF Gay Uniform Porn Sex

Duration: 21m, 58s, Starring Johnny Davidson, Roger Debauch

(652 Votes)

There is a lot going on in this scene, and plenty of fetishes galore for those of you into man on man fetish action. Roger Debauch is sporting a police uniform, and he ends up getting paired with a leather daddy - it's an odd combination, but one I guarantee will get your dick hard. Johnny Davidson is the leather daddy, and his dick is hard as hell with skin tight leather pants that leave nothing to the imagination. They end up being fucking incredible with each other, and you'll not soon forget this.

Horny DILFs Getting Passionate

Duration: 36m, 15s, Starring Erik Ludwig, Lyle James, Patrick Ives

(1462 Votes)

Lyle James and Erik Ludwig are both sexy over 30 daddies with rock hard bodies and tight asses. They also have enough passion to make you want to whip out your own dick and play along - they are rolling around all over the place on the bed, grinding their dicks against each other. They love the feel of their bulging cocks rubbing against each other, along with some rather impressive blowjobs. However, the real magic happens when they start fucking - these daddies make each other moan loud and clear.

Two Gay Men Patrick Ives And Clay Russell Fuck

Duration: 25m, 46s, Starring Clay Russell, Patrick Ives

(3205 Votes)

This daddy is so passionately into scoring with this guy that you can barely see him below him on the couch! He starts taking his clothes off, and as soon as he peels his jeans back just enough to get at his cock, he starts to suck it. After he gets his clothes all the way off, he gets his cock even deeper down his throat, and then opens up his ass cheeks and licks his butt crack. After he gets his own cock sucked on, he lies him down on the couch and fills his butt up with every veiny inch of his cock. He pounds away at his ass, and then the both of them sit next to each other and jerk off until they both erupt in tons of sticky jizz.

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