Yummy Men Fucking in the Forest

Duration: 16m, 30s, Starring Calvin T, Steven James

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I think there's something in the air, because it seems like there is a hell of a lot of outdoor gay fucking going around here nowadays. Calvin T and Steven James are the two that are going at it today, and they certainly have a look that makes me think lumberjack. These are manly men, not like those piddly little twinks you see so often in gay porn. These guys have muscles and body hair and awesome cocks that they have no problem with using. If you're in the mood for some really fun gay porn that has real men, then you need to take a look at this.

Hairy Guys Have Hot Missionary Fucking

Duration: 19m, 12s, Starring Brian W, Eric Evans, Jason Smith

(762 Votes)

You've got to love the older man - there are no the immature twinks in this scene, only muscular, hairy studs - real men! These horny guys get naked in the workroom, peeling off their clothes and then wrapping their lips around each others' cocks, one after the other. Once they are in a state of sexual delirium from the superior oral sex they provide one another, the submissive guy lies down with his legs spread, holding his ballsack out of the way so that his buddy can penetrate his sphincter. They have great missionary sex, writhing together sensuously like true lovers. Don't miss this fantastic gay scene - these guys are super hot!

Prime Gay Studs Have Anal On The Deck

Duration: 17m, 27s, Starring Carlos T, Grant Hue

(231 Votes)

Older gay studs Carlos and Grant are sitting out on the deck one morning, enjoying the sun. They are dressed only in their underwear and sunglasses. There is something frisky in the air, and they start to admire the bulges beneath each others' underwear. The submissive guy takes his friend's cock in his mouth and swallows it right down to the base, also tonguing the balls generously. Then he bends over at the waist, gripping the railing for support as tells his friend to give it to him hard in his butt. Of course, his friend complies, spitting on the ass hole and sticking his thumb in to open it up before he begins to plow it.

Nightclub Gays Have Filthy Ass Sex

Duration: 12m, 3s, Starring Eric Strong, James Dunn, Matt Hale

(148 Votes)

A virile, muscular stud with a hairy chest hooks up with a submissive twink in a leather vest in the back of a gay nightclub. The guys take turns sucking each others' cocks, and then the twink bends over, offering up his ass hole to the dominant stud. The guy with the goatee slides his prick straight in, merely spitting on the ass hole before he penetrates it. This twink has been fucked by lot of guys and has quite a loose ass hole, but he still yelps as he gets filled up in his tight rear end by the older man. There's nothing hotter than the sight of a hairy chested man fucking a younger hairless stud - especially when he cums on his ass!

Bleach Blond Twink Fucked In His Bum

Duration: 20m, 42s, Starring Ricki Strann, Robert W

(164 Votes)

An exotic looking white guy with bleached white hair that stands up on end gets fucked by a more conservative looking brunette man in this hardcore clip. The guy with spiky hair is quite clearly the more submissive and eager cocksucker of the two, getting down on his knees straight away and taking his friend cock and balls in his mouth. Then he bends over, pulling his ass cheeks apart and offering up his tight sphincter for penetration. The older brunette man needs no encouragement, ramming his thick cock into his friends tight ass and beginning to plow him. You've got to hear this twink yelp as he gets reamed in his butthole - it so hot!

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